Former Editor of Vikrama, Sri BSN Malya no more.

Bengaluru: Former Editor of ‘Vikrama’ weekly – mouth piece of RSS Karnataka, Sri Beluvayi Subraya Narayana Malya, 83, (1927-2010) expired today noon at his residence near Mangalore, Karnataka.

Sri BSN Malya born in1927 in Beluvayi of Karkal Taluk of Mangalore came to RSS ideology during 1940s. he actively participated in ‘Satyagrah’ movement in 1948, and prisoned. He resigned his job from Canara Bank in 1953, and joined ‘Vikrama’ as Chief Editor. From 1953 to 1996, for 43 years he served ‘Vikrama’. He was a recognized Journalist , Editor and Thinker in Kannada Journalism. He was arrested in 1977 Emergency days also. Unmarried, Sri BSN Malya authored a journalistic dictionary in Kannada. He had a friendly contact with Atal Bihari Vajpeyee, LK Advani, S Nijalingappa, Kadidal Manjappa and many other leaders of the nation as well as Karnataka. Sri BSN Malya is known for his kind nature and the way he nurtured budding journalists and youth writers.

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