by Pradeep, Shimoga Vibhag College Vidyarthi Pracharak


Made snana, is a ritual where the devotees roll on the plantain leaves with the remainings on them, after lunch !! This is practiced in Kukke Subramanya temple situtated in South canara district of Karnataka.

Subramanya is a place which is not unknown to India, or for that matter, Indians abroad. Famously known for Naga(snake)devata, subramanya has a large following from cross section of the society, from all over India. It has even attracted prominent sports personalities and bollywood celebrities like Tendulkar, vivek Oberoi, Shilpa Shetty and many more.

For a couple of weeks now, there is a debate as well as a protest going on demanding the abolition of madesnana.

This ritual has no historical, mythological, social and moral importance. Even the dating cannot be done accurately as to when it all started. But the local elders quote two tales which ofcourse has no authentic records.

1. Long ago, they say, in the woods there were wild cats, they were called Pushpamruga. Their main feature was that they spread fragrance from long distances, i.e. Their bodies spread fragrance naturally. These animals came to the temple and rolled over or would just roam around the premises. People believed that there must be something divine in those animals and started rolling on the floor where pushpamruga roamed. The specie doesn’t exist anymore.
2. There was this character called SAMBA, during Lord Krishna who had skin disease and to get rid of it he was advised by some people to roll on plantain leaves, after lunch before they are cleaned. Even this is not authentic, the locals say. It had also stopped for long years, and it has come into practice in recent past.

Its not about the beliefs and faith. Its about the humanitarian practice. The practice of a progressive race. The scenario of a country enroute VishwaGuru.

The educated, civilized and a sensible society should renew and refresh its practices and rituals from time to time. Till there is any issue, a controversy or a protest and an uncalled for intervention by media, hindus don’t seem to wake up.

Its time to come out of such inhuman practices and abolish them. Saints and seers should play a major role. In this case, the role of the subramanya mutt saint, vishvesh teertha swamiji of pejawar mutt Udupi and sri. Veerendra heggade of Dharmasthal has been below expectation and misleading. This is not the time to remain silent. Nor is the time to speak ambiguosly. These men, in saffron should come out clear and have to make it before someone else plays it foul.

Putting the ball into the court of government will not do. Politics should never intervene in dharma. Politicians calculate debit and credit of votes before deciding on any issue. Nothing in India has been solved by political intervention, those pertaining to dharma.

It is the society and the saints who will have to stand up and oppose this inhuman practice of MADESNANA.


Pradeep, RSS Pracharak