RSS Sarasanghachalak Mohan Bhagwat addressing at Kashi

Kashi: “Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) will ruin the Indian agriculture, industries, business and also the culture. It is very painful that our own government is bent upon allowing FDI in retail sector at the cost of its own people. The FDI, if permitted, will make the life of the people engaged in farming, small scale industries or retailing miserable,” said RSS Sarsanghachalak Shri Mohan Bhagwat.

He was addressing a gathering of swayamsevaks in Varanasi recently.

Shri Bhagwat said ‘Wherever the retail giant Walmart went in the world it ruined the local retail sector, farming as well as the traditional culture. This is the reason why many countries in the world including China, Brazil, Italy, etc. have permitted it partially and that too with many restrictions’

On the issue of corruption, the Sarsanghachalak said it has mingled in the society so deeply that it cannot be eradicated until we eradicate it from our mentality. In his hour long speech, he also commented on the issue of Unique Identity Cards being issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India to all Indian citizens. He alleged that such UID cards are being issued even to those who are illegal migrants. Through this exercise, crores of Bangladeshi infiltrators have got identity cards and these cards have been issued with the involvement of government authorities and some political leaders, he said.

He told the swayamsevaks to devote more time on finding solutions to their individual, social and national problems and do not get involved in international issues “We have to begin from ourselves and the whole society should be prepared for it. We should try to be more self-reliant and dependence on others must be reduced,” he added.

Shri Bhagwat also stressed the need to rise above the caste and community differences and stand unitedly. He appealed to the swayamsevaks to visit all villages to awake the people. Senior Sangh Pracharak Shri Madhubhai Kulkarni, Kshetra Pracharak Shri Shivnarayan, Kshetra Sanghachalak Prof DP Singh, Prant Karyavah Dr Virendra Jaiswal, Prant Pracharak Shri Abhay Kumar, BJP leader Dr Murli Manohar Joshi and many other Sangh and BJP leaders were also present on the occasion.

Source: VSK/Organiser