Pradarshini showcasing Sangh activities inaugurated

RSS Sarasanghachalak, Mohan Bhagwat inaugurated a Pradarshini (प्रदर्शनी-Exhibition), showcasing Sangh’s activities and social service.

Pradarshini Inauguration

RSS allier in Social services, Seva Bharathi’s activities were well introduced for a viewer through photos, charts and graphs. Seva Bharathi is credited for carrying out more than 1,50.000 service activies across India. The well sorted display contains photographs & flexes. The exhibition hall is well furnished using bamboo and other natural materials. A Rangoli, made of cereals and pulses  was much attractive.

Images of other RSS activities of recent past including Mass Dharna Protest held on November  10, 2010 across India and  the massive ‘Hindu Samajotsavs programs held in Karnataka are also displayed. These are followed by the photos of social harmony attempts are put up including Shri Madara Chennaiah Swamiji’s padayathra to a Brahmin locality and Pejawar Seer’s visit to a Dalit Colony near Kolar.

At the end of the exhibition is a video presentation on RSS’s service & rehabilation activities done during north-Karnataka floods-2009 .

The exhibhition is successful informing viewer about wide activities of Sangh. Several Senior Sangh leaders were also present during the inaugural.


Vishwa Samvada Kendra

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