Vishwa Hindu Parishat demanded a must apology from Union Government & a few state Govts  to Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar for Giving reservations to Muslims & Christians,  Snatching from Scheduled Castes.

Hyderabad April 14, 2012:  On the occasion of 121st birth anniversary Dr BR Ambedkar, VHP’S International Working President Dr Pravin Togadia garlanded Dr Ambedkar’s statue in Hyderabad and demanded immediate apology from the Government for insulting Dr Ambedkar.

Dr Togadia said, “Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar kept a positive provision for reservations for Scheduled castes in the constitution to help them come off a long social suppression, poverty & halted progress. With his bright vision, he also opposed religion-based reservations in various meetings & debates while the constitution was being made. He knew well that any move or provision for religion based reservations will take Bharat to the extreme point of no return to real development & social unity. His opposing to creation ofPakistan was also based on the same thought process, which was led by the greatest dream for united Bharat’s progress.”

“However, bending before Muslims & Christians for votes, Union Govt & a few state govts are snatching reservations & thereby Roti, Education, Jobs, Loans, Land etc from the Scheduled Castes (& also OBCs & Tribes) to be showered on Muslims & Christians. This cruel action is not only anti constitutional & unjust towards the real needy but also absolutely insulting to Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar & his vision for Bharat. VHP demands that Union Govt & the state Govts that have in any form given reservations to Muslims & Christians either by snatching from the Scheduled Castes (OBCs & Tribes as well) or otherwise, apologize to Dr Ambedkar, all the Scheduled Castes, OBCs & Tribes & also to all others in Bharat & also immediately withdraw all reservations given or promised to Muslims & Christians.”