Drenched in Heavy Rain, Swayamsevaks walks for Path Sanchalan at Mangalore

An unforgettable Path Sanchalan at Mangalore

Path Sanchalan massive rain, Swayamsevaks were stepping according to the drum beats

A Patha Sanchalan (ROUTE MARCH) was scheduled at Kadri Nagar of Mangalore on September 2, 2012 at 7.40 am. This was a preparatory for Vibhag Maha Sanghik on scheduled on 3rd Februray 2013. All nagars at Mangalore were organising the Path Sanchalan in September in background of February Mahasanghik. Though there was heavy rain in the city, Swayamsekas of Kadri Nagar reviewed the situation and decided to have the route march as scheduled and 86 swayamsewaks expected to walk in.

Drenched in Rain Swayamsevaks walks for Path Sanchalan at Mangalore

On the day, early morning the rain started as usual. In spite of massive rain , 73 were Swayamsevaks gathered at a hall near Kadri temple, Mangalore. Kadri Ground was the pre-decided venue. 

No sign of rest to rain. Hence, Namaste sada vatsale . . . . went inside the hall. 

Then there was sprinkling rain. So, the sanchalan decided to start, so started. Within 5 minutes it rained again heavily. But none stayed back or detained for rain, till the end. No worry, no tension. Sanchalan completed as usual , despite raining. Swayamsevaks were drenched in rain. They didnt stopped till its completion, challenging the rain. Swayamsevaks showed their determination. There was a cup of hot coffee to all at the end.

by B Prakash Pai, Mangalore

Vishwa Samvada Kendra

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