Bangalore:Yesterday, March 1, it was another opportunity for the Tweeples (Netizens on Twitter) expose NDTV and CNN-IBN along with many other medias on how they reported a FAKE news about RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat.

Few media’s carried news on RSS Sarasanghachalak saying that ”Supreme Court had slammed RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat over Karkare comments.”

Later it was found to be a fake news, as the news disappeared from news websites which published earlier, following the exposure by tweeples.

Links  for further analysis, compiled by Kiran KS, Bangalore!/KiranKS/status/175172987429986304!/KiranKS/status/175174858014064640!/KiranKS/status/175179704830136320!/KiranKS/status/175180209144856576!/KiranKS/status/175183240292872193!/KiranKS/status/175185238392184833!/KiranKS/status/175185882289147904!/KiranKS/status/175186137667731456!/madhusudhan_an/status/175185518114508801!/KiranKS/status/175188097884106752!/KiranKS/status/175189602020237312!/KiranKS/status/175190210957672448!/KiranKS/status/175195098278137858!/KiranKS/status/175195736965779456!/KiranKS/status/175198803526295552

For CNN-IBN, it is the 2nd time they quietly removed a news article in 9 days, without any apology. The first one was for Sushma Swaraj and now for Mohan Bhagawat.