RSS swayamsevak prepares unique herbal pesticide

Orissa: It’s really a boon for farmers who have become jaded by using chemical pesticides to protect crops. As the prices of chemical pesticides go skyrocketing day-by-day and their hazardous effects on the crops as well as on the soil gradually create panic among the cultivators, a ray of hope has come out from year-long research made by an young farmer of Sambalpur in western Orissa.

Khireswar Pradhan

Shri Khireswar Pradhan of Chippilima Block under Sambalpur district has been successfully preparing herbal pesticides from cow urine since the last couple of years, which effectively  works like chemical pesticides, without any side effect and harm to environment. Shri Pradhan, who is a swayamsevak, say that he has been preparing the herbal liquid for the last four years by using cow urine, neem, tulsi, etc. and himself is using it in his own crops, also other farmers of the district. The unique herbal pesticide costs Rs 15 to 25 per liter and works miraculously. While the chemical pesticide costs Rs.300 to 500 per liter in the market.

“This is a herbal medicine, prepared as per the traditional knowledge for organic farming. It may substitute chemical pesticides so that environment can be protected. It does not kill crop-friendly-insects, what the chemical pesticides do,” said Shri Khirendra Pradhan while talking to Organiser.

This cow urine-based herbal pesticide has been named as Amulya and it has been tested, approved and recommended by the scientists of Odisha Agricuture University.

(Debashish Tripathy, Organiser)

Vishwa Samvada Kendra

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