ABVP-Bajarangadal joint Operation: 120 Bangladesh Infiltrators arrested at Mandya, Karnataka.

Mandya, Karnataka August 30: In a late-night operation by ABVP-Bajarangadal activists stopped a train carrying Bangla Infiltrators, more than 120 Bangladesh Infiltrators were arrested by Railway Police at Mandya, Karnataka.

North-East Exodus crisis at railway station recently, it is suspected that Several Bangla Infiltrators were taken shelter in houses of Bangalore, which were occupied by NE citizens earlier.

This is what Happened:

It was a train carrying passengers from Yeshwantpur of Bangalore to Kannur of Kerala. In the same train, hundreds of ABVP activists were returning from Bangalore to their natives after attending a state level conference in which national leaders including Sunil Ambekar participated.

In few compartments, there were few passengers speaking in Urdu, Bengali, Hindi and were discussing something own their own. ABVP activists came to know that these passengers belong to Bangladesh. When enquired, the reality came to light that nearly 250 Bangladeshi  infiltrators were travelling. ABVP activists informed their friends and also communicated to Bajarangadal activists near Mandya, where train was stopped by them. Later ABVP activists informed police. DYSP Channabasappa lead police team was successful to arrest 120 Bangla infiltrators, meanwhile around 50 to 75 other Infiltrators got escaped and ran away.

After the arrest, these Bangla infiltrators were sent to (from Mandya) a Bangalore jail. Police also traced narcotic-analgesic drugs including Opium, Hallucinogens like Ganja etc from these Infiltrators. These Bangla Infiltrators were possessing fake identity cards, documents. All such documents were seized by police.


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