Bharat Parikrama Yatra reaches North Kerala, gets warm welcome at Communist dominant Kannur

Kannur, October 3 : RSS Pracharak Sitaram Kedilaya lead ‘Bharat Parikrama Yatra’ has reached north Kerala, will enter Karnataka in another 2 weeks. Toay the yatra is moving in villages of Talacchery of Kannur district in Kerala. Began on August 9, 2012 from Kanyakumari of Tamilnadu, RSS Pracharak Sitaram Kedilaya lead Bharat Parikrama Yatra has been aimed at the upliftment of rural life in the villages of India. The Yatra which was launched in Kanyakumari on August 9, has now covered an approximate distance of 700km.

Bharat Parikrama Yatra received a warm welcome in Kannur, which was once a most communist dominant area in India. RSS Vibhag Sanghachalak C.Chandrasekharan welcomed the Yatra
RSS Pracharak Sitaram Kedilaya offered floral garland to Mahatma Gandhiji statue during Gandhi Jayanti yesterday

On day 56, the Bharat Parikram Yatra reached Talacchery of Kannur district in Kerala.  Sitaram Kedilaya visited Odathil Mazjid and had conversation with Darul Islam Yatim Khana President Muhammad Haji. Sitharam Kedilaya also visited leaders of different Hindu communities like Yadava, Gauda Saraswatha and Kudumbi community and discussed socio-religious issues. RSS Vibhag Sanghachalak C.Chandrasekharan welcomed the yatra.

The Route Ahead:

October 3: Urvashikkaavu, Kannur

October 4: Tavarakkavu, near Coltex

October 5: Keechery

October 6: Trichambaram near Taliparamba

October 7: Pariyaram

October 8: Perumba near Payyannur

October 9: Pekkada near Trikkarippura

October 10: Pallikkara Near Neeleshwaram

October 11: Kanhangad Mookambika Temple

October 12: Pallikkara

October 13: Paravanadkam

October 14, at 7am: entering Kasaragod District


Bharat Parikrama Yatra reaches North Kerala, gets warm welcome at Communist dominant Kannur
Bharat Parikrama Yatra reaches North Kerala, gets warm welcome at Communist dominant Kannur.
Day-50:RSS Pracharak Sitaram Kedilaya addressing villagers of Kodalnadakavu near Calicut in Kerala during his BHARAT PARIKRAMA YATRA.

On Day-50:

The Yatra reached the suburban area of Kozhikode through Kadalundi Panchayat. Sitaram Kedilaya received a warm welcome at Kottakadavu. As yatra continued, Hundreds gathered to receive yatra near the temple called Pidippazhi Maha Vishnu  Kshetram at called Mannoor. Sitaram Kedilaya planted a Tree, and after that he visited some houses of common citizens. It was followed by a satsamg and Bhajan.

On the 47th day (23rd September) he started from the same place and reached Azhinjilam Vishnu Temple premises and reached after 10 km walk to Pantheerankavu corporation area of Kozhikode. There he said that “As I noticed, Kerala is the place where I saw less number of Beggars and that also only in City areas; that means in Villages the people are so self-reliant. I also noticed that in villages living in a traditional way and built their houses in a simple style. I got warm welcome in every village irrespective of cast and creed.” Yatra contiued,  got a  warm welcome on Arappuzha. Kedilaya planted a tree in near by temple called Mellottil.

Kedilaya also met socio-religious leaders, discussed different matters of social importance.

Sitaram Kedilaya also met socio-religious leaders, discussed different matters of social importance, at Kozhikode

The Bharat Parikrama Yatra will reach Kasaragod on October 15th, will enter Karnataka on November 5, said RSS Kshethreeya Seva Pramukh Gopal Chettiyar, who is accompaneing Sitarama Kedilya since last 3 days.

Villagers receive Bharat Parikrama Yatra at Kozhikode, Kerala
Bharat Parikrama Yatra near Kzohikode


‘Know Bharat, Be Bharat and Make Bharat Vishwaguru’ is the slogan of the Bharat Parikrama Yatra. Scheduled for an approximate span of 5 years, it is aimed at covering 15000km. The Bharat Parikrama Yatra is believed to be a milestone in the attempts of social reformation in rural life of India.

Seetaram Kedilaya’s Bharat Parikrama Yatra received a warm welcome at Thiruvanantapuram, Kerala

The Bharath Parikrama Yatra undertaken by RSS Pracharak Seetharam Kedilaya has successfully completed 50days. The Yatra has been aimed at the upliftment of rural life in the villages of India. The Yatra which was launched in Kanyakumari on August 9, has now covered an approximate distance of 600km. After having received a warm welcome across the villages of Southern Kerala, the Bharath Parikrama Yatra is continuing in Kerala till November 4. On November 5, the Yatra will enter Karnataka from Talapadi, Mangalore.

A day’s Yatra schedule for Seetharam Kedilaya begins after the performance of Gopooja (Worshipping Holy Cow) at 6.15am every morning unfailingly, in the village he happens to be in. At 6.30am the yatra begins with a walk for 3 continuous hours after which, at 9.30am he reaches the next village. Visiting he nearest temple and offering prayers is always part of the yatra. After entering a village, he takes rest for a few minutes, following which he plants a tree in the temple premises or in its proximity. Lunch is a moderate affair which is always at a villager’s home, irrespective of caste, creed, language or colour. Food is always accepted as food from these homes. Incidentally, Kedilaya takes food only once a day. Food is followed by an hour’s rest.

Bharath Parikrama Yatra in Kerala-August-2012

According to routine, Kedilaya goes for a ‘Gram Sampark’ at 3.30pm. It is a program where villagers are reached out personally. As part of Gram Sampark, Kedilaya meets selected individuals  of the vllage, who are mostly school teachers, village physicians or gram vaidya, village heads etc. This is followed by a mass gathering at 5.30pm. Known as Gram Samkeerthan, bhajans and satsangs are an inevitable aspect of the same.  Kedilaya delivers a speech to villagers on national issues, which usually takes place at 7.00 pm. During the course of these addressals, 9 vital issues are stressed upon Protection of land, Protection of cow, Conservation of trees, Conservation of biodiversity, Protection of individuals and families (Jan Sandhan), Conservation of water, Preservation of native village culture, Rural employment  and Preservation of values of rural medicine.

The 50 days of Bharath Parikrama Yatra that has been completed till now by Kedilaya in the villages covered is in the same style as mentioned here. On Day 20, Kedilaya has reached a village near Kayamkulam in Alappuzha district in Kerala. “The response Kedilaya received till now in the villages has been immense and overwhelming, with the yatra enlightening the villagers who flocked to him in large numbers”, said Sharathchandra  Baliga who accompanied Kedilaya during the first 13 days of the Yatra.  

‘Know Bharat, Be Bharat and Make Bharat Vishwaguru’ is the slogan of the yatra. Scheduled for an approximate span of 5 years, it is aimed at covering 15000km. The Bharat Parikrama Yatra is believed to be a milestone in the attempts of social reformation in rural life of India.

Sitaram Kedilaya hails from Puttur, Karnataka. He has served as Akhil  Bharatiya Seva Pramukh of RSS till March 2011.

Seetarama Kedilaya planting a cocunut plant near Chavara at Kerala during Bharath Parikrama Yatra.
Bharath Parikrama Yatra in Kerala-Aug-2012
Seetarama Kedilaya discussing with religious heads of Villages he visits during Bharath Parikrama Yatra in Kerala-Aug-2012
Seetaram Kedilaya with Children at during Bharat Parikrama Yatra in Kerala
Seetarama Kedilaya addressing the gathering in a village during Bharath Parikrama Yatra in Kerala
The boy sitting on chair, translated Kedilaya’s speech from Hindi to Malayalam.
Bharat Parikrama launched at Kanyakumari on August 9

Top RSS functionary Shri Sitaram Kedilaya launched a campaign “Bharath Parikrama” at Kanyakumari, aimed to uplift the rural Indian Life. The Yatra has a scheduled duration of 5 years, covering 15000km, reaching almost all districts of India. Sri Sitaram Kedilaya, held the position of Akhil Bharatiya Seva Pramukh last year. Hailing from Puttur of Karnataka, Shri. Sitaram Kedilaya has rendered his service as an RSS Pracharak since 5 decades.

SITARAM KEDILAYA, Senior RSS Functionary

Bharat Parikrama: An Endeavour on Foot to Inculcate Well-being in Villages

The imperial British who ruled over India were asked by the native Indians to leave the country on 9 August 1942. However, the British left only after a span of 5 years. Now, after 65 years of Indian independence, on this very day, senior Pracharak of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Shri. Sitaram Kedilaya has embarked on a Bharat Yatra, by foot. The expedition has a focused vision: weeding out hunger, fear and corruption out of the country and linking village to village, thereby connecting the entire land to the larger world scenario.

Bharat Parikrama- launching

The yatra will begin from Kanyakumari and will span over 15000 kms. It will culminate after 5 years at the same village where the auspicious beginning for the yatra was made. The expedition was blessed by Swami Chaitanyanand Maharaj of Vallimalai Ashram, Kanyakumari in the early morning hours of 7.00 am. Swami Chaitanyanand is a seer, who has been involved in the selfless endeavour of social harmony and cild welfare.

Bharat Parikrama-

Before embarking on the endeavour, Shri. Sitaramji visited the Vivekananda Smarak at kanyakumari on 7 August and the Devi temple of kanyakumari on  8 August in supplication. A Ganapathi Homa was also conducted for the smooth progress of the yatra, without any obstructive hurdles. The yagna was conducted by acharyas from Veda Vignjan Gurukul, Bangalore. Co-incidentally, it was the birthday of Shri. Sitaramji on 8 August.

Bharat Parikrama-2

Elaborating on the yatra, Shri. Sitaramji said that a span of 10 kilometres will be covered on a daily basis by foot, after which he will take rest in the village that falls in the vicinity. The primary task he has to undertake will be to get in touch with the youth and the prominent members of the village and discuss important issues like care of sick. This will include the handicapped, blind etc. Other activities like taking a round of the entire village and engaging in a collective session of prayer at the village temple. This will help create a bond of great depth with the people, which will help the villagers realize that villages were, once upon a time, a single encompassing family. However, this feeling has taken a back seat now, which has led to a whole lot of problems everywhere. This has now escalated to national and international levels. The feeling of unity, along with creation of family bonds, if brought back to villages will ensure restoration of harmony to a great extent. This could be instrumental in the rekindling of the concept of ‘Vasudha Eva Kudumbakam’. And then, the journey will resume to the next village.

Bharat Parikrama-3
Bharat Parikrama-3

Shri. Sitaramji has been, for a long time, strictly adhered to having a single meal a day. During the course of the journey, he will have no possessions or belongings with him. Accompanying him for a few days will be 3 sisters: two of them hail from Karanataka and one from Tamil Nadu. When asked what inspired him to undertake the endeavour at this age, that too all alone, he replied, “What makes you feel that I am alone? I have the thoughts and ideas of as many as 121 crore people with me. After all the very deed is for an all encompassing nation.”

There is yet another reason for undertaking the endeavour, that too on 9 August. Janmashttami (birth of Lord Krishna) is being celebrated in certain parts of India. Shri.Sitaramji. who had undertaken the successful Viswa Mangal Gau Gram Yatra of 2009 said, “Lord Krishna, as soon as he was born, was part of the village, where he took upon himself the safety of cattle, faremrs and the entire village upon his shoulders. Today we need to do the same thing.”

Shri. Sitaramji has dedicated a slogan for the purpose. “Know Bharat, become Bharat, Make Bharat the World’s Teacher”. The reason for the yatra is clear. The current trends that prevail are businesslike and commercial , where life is being seen only in terms of trade and profit. This unfortunately has given rise to poverty, unemployment and corruption everywhere. Another trend that prevails is that the world is now a battlefield, with life being nothing but constant strife. This thought stream has led to violence, terrorism and an existence hand with deadly weapons everywhere. This has led to deep turbulence and instability, with people all over the world making a mad scramble for any straw that will provide them with peace. And then this makes them realize that the road to solitude, ultimately happens to be Bharat. It is here that the relevance of the third and most important trend comes into being: “The world is a family and life is a revelation”.

Bharat has gifted this very concept to the entire world. This perception has no violence or strife. All it has is the message to live life filled with universal love, spirituality and compassion. Only this is required to pervade the entire world with harmony. The best place to initiate this is the villages. And so the endeavour is being undertaken for safeguarding villages, the country and the entire world.

Vishwa Samvada Kendra

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