Indore, April 8: Hindu Help Line, an initiative of  Vishwa Hindu Parishat celebrated its First anniversary in a different way.  Hindu Help Line conferred ‘HINDU RATNA AWARD’ to renowned Cave Art Expert Dr Yashodhar Mathpal, for his great contribu how to text my ex gf back tions to the field of  archaeology-cave paintings and its analysis.

Dr Yashodhar Mathpal - Renowned Cave Art Expert

‘HINDU RATNA AWARD’ is conferred to those who have been doing great work in the fields of Bharat’s Art & Culture, Science & Technology, Education, Tribal Welfare, Trade & Businesses, Agriculture, Medicine, etc. Year 2011 Hindu Ratna was given to the renowned Social worker Dr Vinod Kaushik who has been doing a lot for Tribal welfare & also to the noted Marathi Actor Sharadji Ponkshe.

This year, the HINDU RATNA 2012 is conferred upon Dr Yashodhar Mathpal, who after Ph.D. in Archaeology, studied over 400 caves from Madhya Pradesh’s Bheem Betka to Uttaranchal’s Bheem Taal & also in South of Bharat for understanding & analyzing the rock art & cave paintings done in ancient times – some date back over 15000 years!. He has a fantastic collection of their reproductions in the Lok Kala Sangrahaalay in Uttaranchal Hills at Bheem Taal – the museum that he created single hande with scarce resources.

On April 8th, Sunday  the Hindu Ratna Award was given to Dr Yashodhar Mathpalji in the Hindu Help Line 1st Anniversary programme by Dr Praveen Togadia, International Working President of Vishwa Hindu Parishad.

Dr Mathpalji explaining a big metal water container used ages back

Dr Mathpalwith his rare collection

Ancient Tribal Household Utensils & daily use items

Ancient Cave Paintings

Cave Painting 1- Dr Mathpal Museum

Various Anclient Tribal Musical Instruments in Dr Mathpal Museum

Cave Painting 2-Dr Mathpal Museum

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