Kerala Aug 29: It is cannot be called as U-turn. Can be termed as realization. DYFI, the popular 4-letter abbreviation of Democratic Youth Federation of India, a youth outfit of Communist Party, is now went a step ahead and wished ‘Happy Krishnashtami’ breaking its so called ‘secular’ fabric in Keenpuram Village of Kerala.

A poster appeared, DYFI wishes Happy Sri Krishna Janmashtami.

A poster appeared, DYFI wishes Happy Sri Krishna Janmashtami. (Photo from Panchajanyam, Facebook)

Pro-Hindu organisations applauded the DYFI team, saying that ‘Happy that the DYFI members are now realised their Hindu Ancestry. Better late than never’.

Here is another example for DYFI’s Soft-Hinddutva leaning.

RSS Boudhik Pramukh Composes poem for DYFI:

Allapuzha (Kerala), May 23: Ideological brain drain in Communist people made an Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)  man famous who wrote all songs for the State conference of Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI), a youth wing of the Communist party.

Unnikrishnan, who is the present Taluk (Tehsil) Baudhik  Shikshan Pramukh of Chenganoor, has been invited by the former minister and sitting MLA of CPM G. Sudhakaran and gave the ideological thought to develop songs which they already produced and marketed before the State Conference.

Now only the DYFI people got information about the background of Unnikrishnan who is a famous professional song writer and also a singer.

Moreover that Unnikrishnan has also sung a song in that CD which disturbed the Communist party workers too much, who questioned the leaders and asked whether there was no song-writer or singer in our party who have an ideological base!