KERALA: RSS workers built a bridge for a village.

Pathanamthitta (Kerala): It was a an age old desire for the village people of  Vallikode and Omalloor Panchayaths to have a bridge across the river AchanKovil, which has a great tradition related with Famous Sabarimala Pilgrimage rituals.

There are two other bridges now already there in Kaipattoor and  Vazhamoodu,but it is far away from this village and  those people who were living in between these two places are struggling to cross the river and it is dangerous that lot of places it is 25 foot deep in water. The strength of the existing bridges are also so weak.

But for RSS this was a real challenge but they again did a really marvelous and dedicated task by building a bridge which is so useful for the village people to go through.RSS Volunteers built bridge for Devotees in Kerala

Vishwa Samvada Kendra

One thought on “KERALA: RSS workers built a bridge for a village.

  1. Excellent work. I hope people realize that this organization is for the welfare of Indians and not for spreading hatred.
    All the best!

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