VIDEO: MJ Akbar on why Pakistan is sinking and India rising

Given below is a Video Link, in which noted Journalist MJ Akbar says ‘Why Pakistan is sinking and India is rising’

Key quotes:

  • “Pakistan was the first nation in the world created for a faith, rather than the people” – MJ Akbar – And hence it won’t survive for long.
  • “If Islam was sufficient to form one nation (like Pakistan attempted), then why would there be 22 Arab countries when there’s one religion and one langauge?” – Maulana Azad
  • Within 3 years of Prophet Mohammed’s death, Islam split into Shia and Sunni sects. And they are fighting ever since. Religion of “Peace”!
  • “Europe produced Hitler out of democracy. Europe produced Mussolini out of democracy. Democracy was uncertain in 1930s” – MJ Akbar

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