Bengaluru: Arun Shourie exposes’ the intellectual dishonesty’ of Marxist historians

Arun Shourie interacts with Scholars, Writers and Intellectuals in Bengaluru

Bengaluru December 03 2014: Well known author, journalist and former central minister Arun Shourie interacted with the invited scholars, writers and intellectuals in a function organized by Foundation for Indic Research Studies (FIRST) at Rashtrothhana Parishat premises in Bengaluru on November 29, 2014.

While speaking about the background that made him to write ‘Eminent Historians’ he exposed the intellectual dishonesty of Marxist historians of not referring the original sources and lack of detailed study. Cautioning on the imitation of trend set by Marxist historians he said that “We should not repeat the mistakes of Marxists. Verbal assaults can never be a substitute for serious research. Capturing institutions and doing the counter of what they did, verbal exaggeration or verbal assault will lead us nowhere. We have to nail it by facts. We have to track and follow their citations, examine the facts to counter their point of view. Marxists are on their way out and we should not follow their way out.”

Answering a question on his enormous scale of writings backed by vast research he said “We should rely on original sources and read them in great detail; one has to persevere and put effort to bring out the facts”. Expressing concerns over quality of research he said “Standard of research in India is very low. Anyone who has worked on a subject for two years would be called a subject expert. But more serious research should happen and more scholars should come forward to work without losing the focus.”

Dr Navaratna  S Rajaram, Shatavadhani Dr R Ganesh, Dr M K Shirdhar and many other scholars, writers and journalists participated in interaction. Senior RSS Prachaaraks Mai Cha Jayadeva, Na Krishnappa, Chandrashekhar Bhandary, senior RSS functionary V Nagaraj, President of Rashtrotthana Parisht Dr S R Ramaswamy, General Secretary N Dinesh Hegde were present on the occasion.

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