Ramanathapuram Tamilnadu June 14: The Blatant anti-Hindu attitude of a section of Tamilnadu police force created an ugly situation in Devipatinam of Ramanathapuram Distict on Saturday evening where the Prantha Bitak of Dakshin Tamilnadu began on June 14.  Nearly 400 RSS Karyakarthas who attended the Pranth baitak were reciting Sangh prarthana, they were arrested.


‘There was no provocation at all.  The police force which indulged in the unscenely act was led by DSP Annamalai’ said a Senior RSS functionary.

The arrest was made when Sangha Prarthana ‘Namaste Sadaa Vatsale’ was in progress.  Among the arrested were All India Executive member Sethu Madhavan, Kshetra Karyavah S.Rajendran, Kshetra Pracharak Stanumalayan, Kshetra Seva Pramuk PadmaKumar.etc.

Later all the karyakarthas were released. 

The news spread and in half a dozen districts across the state spontaneous demonstrations were held against the unprovoked arrest of RSS Karyakarthas.  Over 1000 were arrested and were later released.