Bangalore Jan 03: Hindu organisations stated a huge protest in Bangalore today against controversial miracle-man Benny Hinn.  Demanding arrest of Benny Hinn and the ban on his controversial programme, thousands of protesters agitated in front of town hall of Bangslore on Friday Morning. RSS top leader Dr Kalladka Prabhakara Bhat addressed the protest gathering.

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The protest was organised by Hindu Jagarana Vedike, Karnataka unit. Noted scholar and activist against forceful conversion, Dr M Chidananda Murthy, Senior Sanghparivar leaders attended the protest ceremony.

Kannada writer, researcher and historian Dr M.Chidananda Murthy condemned religious conversion. He addressed protest against Benny Hinn who is set to arrive in Bangalore on Jan 15 and said, Benny Hinn comes for religious conversion every Hindu should condemn it.

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Hinn’s last visit in 2005 resulted in five cases filed in HC against his miracle crusades. Petitions alleged that it was aimed at conversion.