RSS Seva Sanghik at Banashankari : Collection of Old News Papers to help orphanage

Banashankari, Bengaluru : RSS Seva Vibhag of Banashankari unit had organized an old news paper collection drive as part of Seva Sanghik on Sunday, 31st August 2014. In this new initiative, RSS swayamsevaks reached out to the individual houses in Banashankari, Padmanabhanagar, JP Nagar and other nearby areas and collected old newspapers from them. The money collected by selling these newspapers will be used for education and food expenses of the children staying in an orphanage called “NELE”. Nele is a project of Hindu Seva Pratishthana and has 6 centres across Bengaluru city. This provides free shelter, food and education for destitute children.
RSS Seva Sanghik Banashankari
RSS Seva Sanghik Banashankari-1
People received it very well and appreciated the effort. A total of 1000 kgs of old news papers were collected in this drive which has seen participation of 1000 swayamsevaks for two hours.

What is Old Paper Campaign?

  • RSS volunteers reached out to the individuals houses and collected the Old unused Papers from them, and then these papers will be either given to the NGO called “NELE” which will either make use of those papers for craft or those papers will be sold and the money got from the selling papers will be used for Education, Food or shelter for the needy children’s.

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