Search all Madrasas nationally & Rescue all such girls – VHP

New Delhi, August 5, 2014


Reacting strongly on the abduction, gang-rape & conversion of Hindu girls in Uttar Pradesh Madrasas, VHP International Working President Dr Pravin Togadia has put forward 8 demands:

  1. Immediately lock the Madrasas in Meerut, Hapur, Muzaffarnagar & other places where Hindu girls are gang-raped & forcibly converted.

  2. Arrest the Head of the main Islamic Organization to which the said Madrasas are attached. Also arrest all the Maulavis in the said Madrasas for conniving with the accused.

  3. The girls were gang-raped, converted & were being sent abroad to Dubai for Sheikhs. This is tantamount to illegal sex trade & human trafficking. All related cases should be booked against all the accused including the travel agents, airlines that gave tickets on fake names, passport officials who gave passports without verifying documents based on interviews & airport officials who allowed such ferrying of girls abroad.

  4. Uttar Pradesh Madrasas may not be the only ones involved in such a heinous & dangerous crimes but also nationally all Madrasas must be searched & the girls / boys kept there by force & converted to Islam should be immediately rescued. VHP & Hindu Help Line keep of getting similar complaints from Keral, Tamil Nadu, Bengal & many other states.

  5. The ‘missing kids’ cases have suddenly gone up past 5 yrs all over India. There may be a possibility that the kids including girls who went missing also faced the similar fate like the Meerut girl. A Special cell for searching for all the missing persons should be established under the Union Home Ministry with clear executive power to enter & search any place.

  6. Despite being a graduate, the Meerut girl had to undergo such a horrific experience in her life. Govts are giving reservations & quotas to minorities in jobs & education, but totally ignoring such young graduate from majority community who become the prey of such Jihadi monsters. Govts must announce special reservations to fresh graduates & post Graduates in majority community in general category to help the avail of real development.

  7. Just like Minority Commission etc, now there is a dire need for Hindu Human Rights Commission. VHP already has such a system & the Union Govt should recognize it on the same level of Minority Commission with full authority of visiting the scenes of such crimes in full security. The reports by HHRC should be accepted as the legal documents.

  8. The Meerut case must be run in a fast track court to give the Hindu girl & other such girls immediate justice.

VHP further appealed to all to speak up & inform the Union Home Ministry & local VHP as well as Hindu Help Line of any such incidents around them in any state.


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