Hebbal, Bengaluru January 13: Nearly 630 Kishor (Young) Swayamsevaks, who are under 14 by age, attended a unique gathering ‘KISHOR SANGAMA’ at Hebbal in Bengaluru on Sunday, January 11, 2015.


The Kishor Sangama event was held as a part of Birth Centenary celebrations of Yadava Rao Joshi, who became an RSS member when his youngest age of 8, later became a Pracharak, pioneered Sangh works in Karnataka.

RSS Pranth Pracharak CR Mukunda delivered Bouddhik, addressed the gathering. BM Nandeesh, C.E.O of ADITYA Engineering College presided over. RSS Bengaluru Mahanagar Karyavah KS Sreedhar was present.

Two simultaneous Path Sanchalan was held on the occasion. Later swayamsevaks demonstrated spectacular physical exercises including Niyuddha, Native Games, Yogasana, Danda Prayog, Danda Vyayam, Upavishta Vyayam, Surya Namaskar. Also, swayamsevaks chanted Bhagavadgeeta, the 12th chapter.

Nearly 450 citizens participated in the event, observed and applauded the young swayamsevaks for their active involvement in RSS shakhas on a daily basis.


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