RSS remembers 5th Sarasanghachalak, Social Engineer KS Sudarshanji on his 3rd Punyatithi #EngineersDay

Bengaluru September 15:  An Engineer by education; but dedicated his entire life for a social cause, KS Sudarshanji, the former RSS Sarasanghachalak of RSS is remembered today across the world by RSS Swayamsevaks, well wishers, thinkers of different spectrum  on his 3rd death anniversary (Punyatithi) coinciding the National Engineers Day.

Born on June 18th 1931,  Kuppalli Sitaramayya Sudarshan, became 5th RSS Sarasanghachalak of RSS in March 2000, served till March 2009. KS Sudarshan was considered to be one of greatest known Hindutva ideologue in post-independent India , a great orator, strong advocate of Swadeshi Concept. KS Sudarshanji passed away on September 15, 2012 at Raipur.

KS Sudarshan ji
KS Sudarshan ji





















Here are some compilation of articles on KS Sudarshanji:

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NAGPUR: With heavy waves of emotions, Funeral of Sudarshanji held, brother performs last rites

Justice KT Thomas praises Sudarshanji over his contribution to Social Harmony 

KS Sudarshan – A man simple, Yet profound: writes Gurumurthy

सुदर्शन जी , निर्मल और निर्भय: MG Vaidya 

Funeral Photos: KS Sudarshan ji’s last rites 

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