‘Celebrating Narad Jayanti reminds social duties of a Journalist’: Jagadish Upasane in Bengaluru

Bengaluru June 25, 2016: ‘Celebrating Narad Jayanti reminds a journalist about his social duties and social responsibilities’, said eminent journalist Jagadish Upasane in Bengaluru.

He was addressing in Narad Jayanti ceremony organised by Vishwa Samvada Kendra Karnataka, the RSS State Media centre here in Bengaluru on Saturday morning.


”Maharshi Narad was not just a news communicator. He was keen on sustaining social values and social awareness among persons with whom he was meeting. Narad was considered as first journalist by many. Indias first Newspaper Uddand Mathand published on May 30, 1826 mentioned that Narad is Aadya Patrakar in its front page by the publisher Jugar Kishor Shukla.” said Upasane during his speech on Freedom of expression and contemporary journalism.

‘Freedom of expression also include Press freedom. Today coincides with day of emergency imposed in India 41years ago, where press freedom was totally curbed by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Then thousands of journalists successfully fought for regaining the freedom of expression and press freedom. Even Rajiv Gandhi tried to regulated press freedom by bringing Press Act. However, his move received massive protest by several Media Owners of that time demanding for the press freedom. Later the act was withdrawn. Hence Govt cant control the Press Freedom’ added Jagdish Upasane.

Senior Journalist Girijashankar presided over the event. RSS Karnataka Pranth Karyavah N Tippeswamy present on the dais.

On this occasion senior Journalist Eechanur Kumar was felicitated by “Thirumale Thathacharya Sharma Journalism Award” for his contributions to the field of journalism.

RSS Pracharak and VSK Karnataka founder trustee Chandrashekar Bhandari, Senior columnist and Journalist Du Gu Lakshman, VSK trustees Dr MK Shridharan, BP Srinivas, VSK Karnataka Coordinator Rajesh Padmar, Pungava Editorial Chief Radhakrishna Holla were present on the occasion.

From Left to right: Jagadish Upasane, Eechanur Kumar, Girijashankar, N Tippeswamy
From Left to right: Jagadish Upasane, Eechanur Kumar, Girijashankar, N Tippeswamy


Jagadish Upasane addressing
Jagadish Upasane addressing
Jagadish Upasane addressing
Jagadish Upasane addressing
Girijashankar addressing
Girijashankar addressing

Vishwa Samvada Kendra

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