Bengaluru June 11, 2016: RSS Chikkapet Nagar Sharirik Pramukh Sri Ramesh Vaishnav, 38years, attacked by miscreants while going for RSS Shakha near Majestic, Bengaluru. As his routine, Ramesh was going for morning RSS Shakha (by name Amar Prabhath Shaksha) near Chikkapet of Majestic, Bengaluru City. He was brutally attacked by few unknown miscreants. Ramesh suffered serious injuries and immediately admitted to a local hospital.

RSS strongly condemned the attack and demanded immediate arrest of the miscreants.

RSS Swayamsevaks staged massive protest at Upparpet Police Station in Bengaluru Condemning attack on RSS Chikkapet Sharirik Pramukh Sri Ramesh Vaishnav.

Speaking to the protesters the Chickpet ACP Bhaskar assured to take stern action on the miscreants.

The Amar Prabhath RSS shakha in Majestic has been operational for more than 60 years and Ramesh has been a member for nearly two decades. “It was at about 6 a.m. and he was on his way to the meeting when he was attacked with iron rods,” a police officer said referring to the complaint.IMG_6876


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