Senior RSS Pracharak K Suryanarayan Rao (93) passed away in Bengaluru

Bengaluru November 19, 2016: One of the seniormost RSS Pracharak K Suryanarayan Rao (93years), popularly known as ‘Suruji’, passed away in Bengaluru on Friday night at 11.11pm at Sagar Apollo Hospitals. He was suffering from old-age illness since last few weeks. He was serving as RSS Pracharak since last 70 years.

Antim Darshan will be held at Keshavakrupa, RSS Karyalaya from 8.30am onwards on Saturday, November 19, 2016. Shraddhanjali Sabha is organised at Keshavakrupa at 3.00pm. Antyakriya will be held at Chamarajapet Cremation Ground at 5.00pm.


Born in Bengaluru in August 20, 1924 to Krishnappa and Sundaramma as the first Child, K Suryanarayan Rao became an RSS Swayamsevak in student days in 1942. After his College Graduation in BSC Mathematics, he became an RSS Pracharak in 1946. He was serving as RSS Pracharak since last 70 years. He was one among the First batch of 3 RSS Pracharaks from Karnataka along with late HV Sheshadri and RSS Veteran Champakanath, under the guidance of Yadava Rao Joshi, the Sangh pioneer in Karnataka.

K Suryanarayan Rao was eldest son for Krishnappa and Sundaramma. Senior RSS Functionary Kru Narahari is his younger brother and Rashtra Sevika Samiti’s Senior functionary Kru Rukmini is his younger sister. (Other 3 younger brothers Kru Anantu, Kru Gopinath, Kru Shivu were already passed away.)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed condolences on demise of K Suryanarayan Rao.

K Suryanarayan Rao served at various positions in RSS. He was known for his contributions as Akhil Bharatiya Seva Pramukh of RSS for a long time.

Suruji held various responsibilities of RSS. He became Vibhag Pracharak in Karnataka, later headed RSS in Tamilnadu as Pranth Pracharak since 1972 to 1984. Later he became Kshetra Pracharak, comprising Tamilnadu and Kerala. Suruji then held responsibility of Akhil Bharatiya Seva Pramukh of RSS giving a new dimension for Seva activities of RSS. He visited countries like USA, Trinidad, Canada, England, Germany, Holland, Norway, Kenya, Malaysia, Singapore and Nepal during this period. Suruji was closely associated with Vishwa Hindu Parishat, Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram, Arogya Bharati, Seva Bharati as a mentor for these Sanghparivar organizations. Till 2012, he was serving as Akhil Bharatiya Karyakarini Sadasya of RSS, the member of Central Executive, RSS.

K Suryanarayan Rao was entrusted with the responsibility of organizing the Santa Sammelan at Udupi of Karnataka in 1969, (then VHP was just 5year old organization which was launched in 1964),  under the guidance of then RSS Sarasanghachalak MS Golwalkar Guruji, the historical resolution banishing the pernicious practice of untouchability from the Hindu society was passed unanimously approved by all the Dharmachryas of various Religious Institutions of the nation.

Eminent Economist S Gurumurthy once said in preface to a book by Suruji, as “Suruji was amongst the first in Sangh to begin taking care of me from the earliest days of my association with Sangh. His boundless affection for me enabled him to overlook my faults and see only my positive side. This helped me grow in quality and in devotion. He was one of the principal guides, who continuously monitored me. Among the many whose influence over me saw to it that I digested the modern world, and would not allow the modern world to digest me, Suruji is the most prominent.”

RSS Sarasanghachalak Mohan Bhagwat, RSS Sarakaryavah Suresh Bhaiyyaji Joshi, RSS Sahsarakaryavahs Dattatreya Hosabale, Suresh Soni, Dr Krishna Gopal, V Bhagaiah, Senior RSS functionaries expressed deep condolences on demise of RSS Veteran Pracharak K Suryanarayan Rao.

 Condolence Message from Sarasanghachalak-on-K Suryanarayan Rao.

Condolence Message from Sarasanghachalak-on-K Suryanarayan Rao.


K Suryanarayan Rao

90th-birthday-of-suruji k-suryanarayan-rao-speaks-at-shraddhanjali-sabha-held-during-vaikunt-samaroh-of-sudharshan-ji-at-mysore kru-suryanarayan-rao lecture-by-suruji-on-yadavaraoji lecture-by-suruji-on-yadavaraoji2 lecture-by-suruji-on-yadavaraoji3 nagabhushan-ji-shraddhanjali released-book-on-yadava-rao-joshi-at-kaup-udupi rss-pracharak-k-suryanarayan-rao-rss-general-secretary-bhaiyyaji-joshi-ks-ramesh-brother-of-sudarshanji-and-m-venkataram-rss-pranth-sanghachalak-on-dais suruji-bhoomi-poojan-for-hindu-shakti-sangam suruji-interview-3 suruji-interview-10




img_1857 img_1961

Chief minister Sri B S Yeddiyurappa performed boomi pooja for MADAVA NELE at shivamogga on 26.10.2009. Sri Surya Narayana Rao,senior National swayam sevaka sanga were present
Chief minister Sri B S Yeddiyurappa performed boomi pooja for MADAVA NELE at shivamogga on 26.10.2009. Sri Surya Narayana Rao,senior National swayam sevaka sanga were present

suruji-in-tn-otc-may-2013 suruji-interview-18 sv-150-suruji-prog-at-ramakrishna-mutt-jan-12-2013-10

suruji-vikrama suruji surujigurujicorrect suruji-chennaii-2 suryanarayan-rao-with-atal-bihari-vajepayee

dsc00467 fb_img_1479501279968 img_1857 img_1961 img_3936 img_6399 img-20160126-wa0009


kashmir-stage1 suruji-bhoomi-poojan-for-hindu-shakti-sangam

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