Nationwide Protest to be held on March 1, condemning the Communist Atrocities on RSS Swayamsevaks in Kerala

February 26, 2017 Bengaluru: Citizens for Democracy, a state level nationalist NGO to uphold democratic and constitutional values, to hold statewide demonstration on March 1, 2017 Wednesday at all district headquarters of the Karnataka condemning the brutal and inhumane atrocities of Communist Party in Kerala on Nationalist workers such as RSS Swayamsevaks, ABVP-BMS-BJP functionaries and other activists of prominent socio-political  spectrum.

Several nationalist organisations called for NATIONWIDE PROTEST on March 01, 2017 condemning the brutal and inhumane atrocities of Communist Party in Kerala on RSS Swayamsevaks.

In Bengaluru, a major protest demonstration to be held on March 01, 2017 at 10.30am in front of TownHall Bengaluru. RSS Kshetreeya Sanghachalak Sri V Nagaraj, BJP MP from New Delhi Smt Meenakshi Lekhi to address the protest gathering.


Since the last LDF Govt assumed power in last March 2016, the communist violence is on its peak. 12 RSS Swayamsevaks and a woman named Vimala dead in different incidents since last March 2016. Even at the own constituency of Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan,

there were 3 murders and more than 100 violence incidents occurred by CPM workers in an year.

The first victim for communist violence was RSS Mukhyashikshak of Thalassery Shakha in Kannur district , a tailor by profession Sri Vadikkal Ramakrishnan, who was brutally murdered in broad day light on 28.04.1969. Since then nearly 280 murders of RSS Swayamsevaks took place in Kerala due to the communist violence. In Kannur district alone 87 such killings occurred.

These repetitive violant, inhumane atrocities and killing of ideological opponents has deeply disturbed the socio-democratic structure of Kerala. To condemn these brutal atrocities, to appeal for peace and harmony, urge to end this communist violence, to uphold democratic and constitutional values, our forum Citizens for Democracy is organising the statewide agitation on March 1, 2017.

Apart from routine murder of RSS Swayamsevaks, 700+ incidents of violence on families/family properties of RSS Swayamsevaks in Kerala, here is an alarming report. A total of 16,960 cases of crime against women and children, including 2,568 rapes, has been recorded in Kerala since Communist Party leader Pinarayi Vijayan assumed Power, since a year.

Ironically, Pinarayi Vijayan is is an icon of Humanity for the pseudo intellectuals. It’s nothing but a contradictory, that Mr Pinarayi Vijayan is addressing on Peace and Harmony for Citizens of Mangaluru, when his own state is facing Law and Order problem, strangely BY HIS OWN PARTY MEMBERS.

Hence, the statewide Protest on Wednesday March 01, 2017 will be focusing all these aspects.


From L -R – Radhakrishna Holla-Patapat Srinivas – Dr Giridhar Upadhyaya-Rajesh Padmar



Even before the formation of the state of Kerala, Communist Party had made inroads in almost all areas of the state. They were intolerant towards non-Communists from the inception itself. It was in 1940’s that the Rashtreeya Swayamsevak Sangh started its work in the area. Initially Communist approach towards Sangh was in a contemptuous manner. Slogan raised by them was that Malayalee mind will not accept Sangh ideology. But when they found that Sangh ideology started making inroads in Communist strong holds especially in the northern part of Kerala, they started becoming intolerant towards Sangh also.

1) Kannur District which is considered by the communist as the birthplace of the communist party in India is the stronghold of CPI(M). Cadres from the communist party, who were disillusioned with communism, started joining RSS. Communist party which claimed that they stand for working class, were not able to prevent the working class from joining RSS. As usual, they started using force to prevent the growing influence of RSS. The first victim was Sri. Vadikkal Ramakrishnan, a tailor by profession, the Mukhya Shikshak of Thalassery Shakha, who was brutally murdered in broad day light on 28.04.1969 while he was working from his small tailoring shop. The accused No.1 in that case was none other than the present Chief Minister of Kerala, Sri. Pinarayi Vijayan and the accused No.2 was Raju Master who is the father-in law of Sri.Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, the present State Secretary of CPI(M). But they were able to get an acquittal from the court on the reason of benefit of doubt because of the poor investigation of the case conducted by the local police.

2) But the killing of Sri.Ramakrishnan couldn’t stop the spreading of Sangh ideology to every nook and corner of Kannur District and other parts of Kerala. Swayamsevaks were able to carry the message of Sangh even in the stronghold of communist party which they claim as their “Party Village” (Party Gramam) where they will not allow others to work. Swayam Sevaks were brave enough to resist the terrorist style of approach of the CPI(M) in which some CPI(M) workers also lost their lives.

3) The CPI(M) started killing Sangh/BJP workers one after another which included Sri.Panniyannur Chandran, Kannur District secretary of BJP and Sri.K.T.Jayakrishnan master, Vice president of Bharateeya Janata Yuva Morcha, Kerala sate unit. Sri.Panniyannoor Chandran was killed by throwing bomb on his Motor bike while returning home along with his wife. Sri.Jayakrishnan Master was brutally murdered in front of his primary school students in the class room where he was teaching his students.

4) So far, 82 workers from our fold lost their lives in Kannur district alone. The modus operandi adopted by the CPI(M) criminals are not only the annihilation of Sangh workers, but also inflicting severe bodily injuries on them as well as causing damage to their properties. Some workers have even lost their eye sight and several others lost their limbs. Hundreds of workers who are victims of communist brutality are totally disabled incapacitating them from carrying out any avocation. The delegation of the Members of Parliament which visited the affected areas in Kannur recently took stock of the atrocities committed by the CPI(M) cadres.

5) The CPI (M) has never been tired of projecting itself as the greatest protectors and benefactors of the so-called backward community people and the religious minorities of the state, and it is an irony that most of the victims who either lost their lives or were maimed by the CPI (M)’s brutal attacks, were poor farm-labourers, head- load workers, daily wage earners, etc belonging to the backward communities. They have even not spared women while venting their ire as is evident from the killing of Ammu Amma of Iritty. While returning in jeep after attending the cremation of the mortal remains of Uttaman who was literally butchered by the CPI (M) cadres on May 22, 2002, the jeep in which she was travelling was waylaid throwing country-bombs, and, as a result she died on the spot.

6) The present scenario is very grave after the assumption of office by the present L.D.F government led by none other than Sri. Pinarayi Vijayan who was the ‘first accused’ in the first murder case of the Swayamsevak Sri. Vadikkal Radhakrishnan. The CPI(M) criminals are now emboldened by the support that they receive from the LDF Govt and they started killing Sangh workers targeting them one by one. Sri. C.K.Ramachandran, who was a B.M.S functionary, an auto driver of Payyannur in Kannur was killed inside his house on 11.07.2016 in the presence of his wife and children. On 03.09.2016 Sri. Vineesh, a swayamsevak of Thillankery Panchayat in Kannur was killed on his way to his house after his work. Sri. Remith Uthaman of Pinarayi, which is the constituency of the present Chief Minister, was brutally murdered on 12.10.2016 in the broad day light while he was on his way to buy medicine for his pregnant sister. It is to be noted that Remith’s father Sri.Uthaman of Chavassery, a Swayamsevak and a bus driver was also killed by CPI(M) from inside the bus on 22.05.2002. Now the family of Late Sri Uthaman has no male member in the family. This is the most cruel example of the brutality of the CPI (M) in Kannur District. Instances like this are innumerable.

7) Police stations are picketed if the police doesn’t obey the diktats of CPM leaders. Chakarakal and Payyannur stations were picketed by CPM goons lead by district leaders including District Secretary P Jayarajan who is an accused in Manoj Murder case. Police officers who don’t dance to the tune of CPI(M) are replaced by those who are loyal to them.

8) The state and district leaders of CPM are instigating its workers to take law in their hands. The CPM State secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan himself declared at Payyannur that they will not spare any RSS /BJP worker and had openly stated that, they will see that their cadres will resist the workers of BJP and RSS. It is no secret that the hardcore Jihadi groups are now hand in glove with CPI(M) in preventing the growth of RSS. The arrest of a group of militants with Islamic state connection at the place “Kanakamala” in Kannur District revels that the safest place for their work is communist strong hold. Kanakamala is a hill top surrounded by places of CPM strong hold. If the CPM were to be vigilant against terrorism these militants would not have reached Kanakamala. It is an open secret that the CPM sought the help of all Jihadi group to come to power in Kerala.

9) More than 80 of our swaysevaks and BJP workers were physically attacked and their belongings, their houses and household articles were destroyed and still the whole district is in a tense atmosphere because of the violence of CPI(M).

10) Even the Sree Krishna Jayanthi procession of children and women were attacked at Kakkayangad, Irity and CPI(M) leaders wanted to see that the Shobayatras across the district are prevented.

11) The CPM goons are showing their intolerance not only towards the BJP RSS, but also against other political parties. There are several of instances of CPM unleashing violence against almost all non-CPM parties. Several incidents of bomb attacks on persons, properties and vehicles of RSS/ BJP workers are reported.

12) Nearly 200 cases are reported against CPM workers in Thalassery, Panur, Kadirur, Dharmadoam, Mattannur, Iritty, Chakarakal, New Mahe, Kolavallur stations. Out of these, 55 incidents took place in just 3 hours of 19-05-2016. Even reading rooms run by RSS-BJP workers are not stared. The houses which were attacked were looted also.

13) Murder of Sri.Remith.K.C was the last killing operated by CPM goons which happened on 12.10.2016. He was killed in front of his house while he was going to buy medicine for niece pregnant sister he was aged 26 years only. It is to be noted that his whole family was targeted by CPI(M) long back itself. His father Sri.Uthaman, who was a Swayamsevak and a driver by profession was killed in the bus on 22.05.2002 while on duty by the CPI(M) goons. It was on the next day of Uthaman’s murder that is 22.05.2002, Ammuamma, an aged lady who was returning in a Jeep after attending the funeral of Uthaman, was attacked by CPM criminals throwing bomb into the Jeep in which she was travelling, and was killed along with driver of the jeep on the spot. Thereafter on 19th May 2016, his house which is situated in the constituency of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan was attacked on 19th May 2016 and that time itself be assailant proclaimed before his mother that they will do away with Sri. Remith. Finally, they did it also.

14) With an aim to garner minority votes, CPI(M) has been projecting itself as sole protector of minorities which is far from truth. For instance the Justice Vithayaththil commission that inquired into the communal disturbances at Thalassery in 1971 has vehemently criticised the CPI(M) including its prominent leaders, for engineering attacks against Muslims.


A memorandum will be submitted to District Collector (DC) addressing to the President of India.

A copy of memorandum is given below.



Shri. Pranab Mukherjee

Hon’ble President of Bharat

Rashtrapati Bhawan,

New Delhi


Respected Rashtrapati Mahoday,

Kindly permit us to draw your attention to the recurring assaults and gruesome murders of RSS-BJP workers and attacks on their houses by CPM workers, all over the state of Kerala and particularly in Kannur District. You may be aware that the Marxist violence in Kerala has a long and painful history. However, the incidents of violent attacks were again witnessed during the last Assembly Elections, and sadly, have increased after the LDF Government has come to power.

Houses of RSS and BJP workers at Kanjikode, of Palghat District were attacked and set on fire. Two persons including one woman (Smt. Vimaladevi) were killed due to 90 percent burns. Shri. Kannan, her husband, remains in critical condition at the hospital. This is probably the first time that even women were not spared of the riotous attacks and a woman is killed in politically motivated attacks by CPM arsonists in the state of Kerala. It is also a fact that most of the victims belong to very poor families, working class, SC and OBC communities.

Even though the RSS and BJP leaderships have repeatedly requested the Chief Minister of Kerala, who also holds the portfolio of Home Affairs, to visit Kannur and initiate a move to convene a Peace Committee Meeting to stop these politically sponsored lethal attacks in his constituency and the rest of Kannur district and other areas, he has not responded positively. We fail to understand why no steps have been taken till now.

As of now, ten RSS & BJP workers -including one woman- have been killed and many injured grievously. The situation has worsened due to the highly partisan approach by the concerned police officers. Ironically, many RSS-BJP workers and innocent citizens have been arrested and cases filed on them for approaching the police to file complaints against the hooligans.

There are also reports that the police personnel have been attacked on many occasions by CPM workers when the police take strong steps against the culprits and CPM ruffians. The incident of attacking the police station in Ponkunnam is a case in point that has greatly demoralised the police force.

It is the paramount duty of the state to provide safety and security to the people of the state without discrimination by the law enforcing authorities and the police act impartially while maintaining law and order.

We humbly appeal to your kind self to use your good offices immediately in order to stop these political attacks and establish peace and amity. We have also requested the Kerala Government to this effect and to take necessary steps to announce rehabilitation package and compensation to the family members of the victims and also to the injured.

In order to create public awareness about the said heinous violence and to demand proper action from the Kerala Govt, we have today organised a demonstration and public meeting in our city/town.

It is really a sad thing in a democracy to lose precious lives of young and working men because of political animosity which turns to violence. We once again appeal to you to take necessary steps to establish peace so that the situation does not deteriorate further and the state remains really a god’s own land.

We remain, in anticipation,

Yours sincerely,



Citizens for Democracy, Karnataka                                           Date- 01 March 2017



Vishwa Samvada Kendra

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