15 Oct 2018, Kundapura: Vanavasi Kalyana, Karnataka organized an Archery training camp for the children of Koraga community to use their traditional Bow-Arrow and nurture their inherent talent and create state and national level archers among them. The 7 day camp was organized at Makkal Mane, Koraga Hostel at Kumbhashi, Kundapura, Udup distt, from 7th Oct to 13th Oct.

Sri Prabodh Nand, Sah-Krida Pramuhk, Vanavasi Kalyana Ashram was the chief coach and he was assisted by Sri Bammu Patil, Sri Amit Gowda and Sri Kumar.

The 7 day camp was inaugurated by Sri Srinivas Poojary, Leader of the opposition, Karnataka Legislative Council and prominent Koraga leaders.

The camp was culminated with a competition to instill a self confidence among the children. 14 children have been qualified to play state level competition, this is something noteworthy as this exhibits the children possess inherent talent and with a little support they can excel.

The closing ceremony was attended and the medals were distributed to the winners by Smt Priyanka Mary Francis, Deputy Commissioner (Udupi) and Sri Shantaram Siddhi, Secretary (Vanavasi Kalayana) spoke about the work of Kalyana Ashram for the integration of Vanavasi with the mainstream society. Smt Priyanka was overwhelmed to see the Koraga children moving from the jerk-start to self-start mode, which is a welcome move. She also thanked the Koraga Sangathane and Vanavasi Kalyana for the noble initiative.

Sri Ganesh V and Sri Ganesh Koraga took lead responsibility in organizing the camp with support from Ku Vineeta, Sri Sudarshan and Sri Shekhar.

A #VanavasiKalyan initiative


Report : Sri Gopal Keshari