20th Kargil Vijay Diwas: JKSC pays homage to soldiers at National Military Memorial, Bengaluru

26 July 2019, Bengaluru: On the occasion of 20th Kargil Vijay Diwas Jammu Kashmir Study Center (JKSC) Karnataka urged people to visit the National Military Memorial Bengaluru and pay homage to the brave soldiers who made supreme sacrifice and laid down their life in the line of duty defending our Nation.

JKSC Karnataka team visited the National Military Memorial Bengaluru and paid floral tribute to the brave heroes of Kargil war.

JKSC, Karnataka Chapter President, Major R D Bhargava and others at the National Military Memorial, Benagaluru

“Following the victory in Indo Pak War of 1971, our brave soldiers continued to defend our country and successfully thwarted the nefarious designs of the Pakistanis by establishing supremacy in Kargil- Dras sector as part of Operation Vijay. Hundreds of brave soldiers are either martyred or injured every year in Kashmir fighting terrorists and the proxy war waged by the enemy.” said Major R D Bhargava president of JKSC, Karnataka chapter.

The borders of our Nation is safe because there are men guarding them in  extreme inhospitable weather conditions throughout the year in Siachen and other areas. Therefore it is our onerous responsibility to remember their sacrifice and pray for their well being : Major R D Bhargava

The JKSC Karnataka undertook a social media campaign urging people to remember the sacrifice made by our gallant soldiers our and visit the National Military Memorial on the occasion of Kargil Vijay Diwas. Hundreds of citizens turned up at the venue to pay respect to the martyrs. JKSC Karnataka also contacted many educational institutions and encouraged them to visit National Military Memorial on the occasion of Kargil Vijay Diwas. Many schools and colleges came forward and visited the National Military Memorial.   JKSC members coordinated the activity and students were appraised of the heritage and legacy of Indian army in service of our Nation.

About JKSC

Jammu Kashmir Study Centre (JKSC) is an independent and objective think-tank dedicated to the study of Jammu Kashmir in its entirety. It was established in 2011 to undertake policy relevant studies on all aspects of this strategically important State of Bharat and to disseminate the outcome of the same in the right perspective in public domain. It currently has 15 branches, 25 activity centres and more than 50 affiliated institutes with 1,000 plus volunteers throughout Bharat and abroad. The JKSC Karnataka has been conducting seminars, workshops, various academic and intellectual activities since its inception and involved in creating public awareness with respect to Jammu Kashmir.

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