20th July 2019, Nagpur: Rashtra Sevika Samiti’s Akhil Bharatiya Karyakarini & Pratinidhi Baitak started today in the premises of Smrithi Mandir, Reshimbagh Nagpur. 261 kaykarthas pan India are participating in this baitak which will conclude on 22nd July 2019

Va.Pramukh Sanchalika, Ma.Shantakka offered Shraddhanjali to the departed ones who had given their best to the nation, the innocent victims of natural calamities and to our brave soldiers. She paid Special tributes to Swami SatyaMitranandaGiriji Maharaj who passed away recently, referring to his vision of a glorious future for Bharat.

In today’s misinterpretation of psuedo secularism and secularism, Lets remember Mother Aditi in our undeclared intellectual war to emerge victorious. Quoting, the Dhyeya vakya of the baitak, “स्वधर्मे स्थिरताम स्थैर्यम – धैर्यम इन्द्रीयनिग्रहः All Sevikas should follow the path of Swadharma and Sevika Dharma with utmost shraddha. It is with this idea of being in righteousness which would stabilise our Body, Mind and Soul.This will make us more courageous and successful. With this purpose we are here together for a collective thinking.  said Sita Gayatri Annadanam, Pramukh Karyavahika of Rashtra Sevika Samiti in her address.

9452 sevikas were trained across the country in the annual training camps. 2399 shakhas and 958 service activities are run by our sevikas. Let’s begin introspecting last year’s activities and accordingly plan for the future with greater enthusiasm she added.

Pramukh Sanchalika Ma. Shanthakka and Pramukh Karyavahika, Ma Sita Gayathri Annadanam.