From the diaries of Swayamsevaks: Octogenarian showers blessings

The source of this experience sharing is from website. Santosh Sogalad, RSS Karyavah of Savadatti Taluk writes the experience in detail. This is a translated and an abridged version of the Kannada write-up.

The Covid19 Corona lockdown has to a lot an extent disturbed the general lifestyle of many. It is tough to even imagine how the poor, daily wage workers are coping with it, although one has to concur and acknowledge that it seems to be the best medicine currently available to fight Corona.

The RSS Swayamsevaks who started on their vehicles to distribute grocery to needy in the villages reached Kori Parvatamma’s house in Savadatti of Belagavi District of Karnataka. The house was in a dilapidated condition.

The octogenarian lady seemed to be alone at home. The Swayamsevaks called for the grand old lady and after multiple calls she came out. As planned she was provided with the grocery kit by the Swayamsevaks.

The old lady had tears in her eyes. She had not expected anyone to come home to give her grocery during the time of lockdown. Apparently she had not forgotten and she recollected rightly that it was the same people (swayamsevaks) who had during the time of floods last year came home and offered help.

The lady thanked the swayamsevaks. The swayamsevaks were quick to respond saying the money for service activities is from the people of the same society and the Sangh(RSS), an organization asks us to deliver it to the needy. So the thanks essentially needs to go to the society and the Sangh and not us who are mere foot soldiers in such tragic incidents against society.

The octogenarian did not stop there. She showered blessings on the swayamsevaks and also said, “Ensure that you are near me when I die…I consider it as a boon to have you people do my last rites for I am sure to attain Moksha”

Well, the words are quite heavy for the Sangh and its swayamsevaks, those words are to br considered as blessings from the old lady who really was in need of help and the society chiming in with money enabled Sangh for such massive service activities.

Vishwa Samvada Kendra

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