Smt Kshama Nargund, advocate from Bengaluru writes this below anecdote on a vegetable vendor called Mamata. Seva (service) comes in myriad forms and one can practice it the way he would want to.

This is Mamata. She is a vegetable vendor in Bengaluru Rajajinagar’s Ram Mandir locality. I had been to buy some vegetables with her. A person came to her shop and picked a real huge bunch of curry leaves. He asked her for the price. Mamata immediately asked him if he was buying them for cooking. He replied in the affirmative. Then she inquired to whom they were cooking and found out that they were cooking for about 300 construction laborers. She inquired which area they supplied and once she was convinced that they were genuine told them that they can take any number of vegetables as and when they want for free.

She also told that she keeps aside some vegetables for them every day (even when everything is normal) and many construction labourers  have come to take them from her. She said that is the least she could do to help them.

Now that’s Seva. My salute to such unsung mothers . She is definitely a mother to many. Btw, when I asked her if I can take a photo of hers, she very shyly accepted my request.

Mamata, vegetable vendor from Rajajinagar reserves some vegetables to be given for free to the needy