My BHARAT: 15-day Statewide Online Youth Campaign to commence from August 1, 2020 #MyBharat

My BHARAT: 15-day Statewide Online Youth Campaign to commence from August 1, 2020

Bengaluru July 20, 2020: Youth Actress Praneetha Subhash inaugurated Disha Bharat’s My BHARAT Campaign at Mythic Society, Bengaluru today. President of DISHA BHARAT Dr N V Raghuram, Trustees V Nagaraj, Rekha Ramachandran, Rajesh Padmar, Parimala Murthy others were present.

My BHARAT campaign is endorsed by Union Ministers Nirmala Sitharaman, Smriti Irani, Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa, Bengaluru South MP Tejasvi Surya, Several Academicians, Vice Chancellors and Professors of Karnataka.

DISHA BHARAT is an NGO working in the field of Education promoting Value Education among student and faculties since last 15 years in Karnataka.

DISHA BHARAT is organizing a statewide 15-day online Youth campaign “My Bharat” on the occasion of 74 th Independence Day from August 01, to 15, 2020. The events of the campaign will be webcasted LIVE on Facebook page of Disha Bharat. The campaign aims to imbue patriotism among the youth, especially college students.


Each day at 11.00 AM, a special LIVE event will be held in which Colleges students from various colleges of the state will participate. Students to speak on life and legacy of Freedom Fighters, deliver speech on various social issues, also to sing patriotic songs, to perform patriotic dance and mono acting on social aspects.

Each day at 6.00 PM in the evening a Lecture Programme is organized by eminent speakers on various topics such as Freedom Movement of India, Social aspects of Independence Movement, Post-Independent India, Future socio-cultural aspects of India etc. All 15 days, 15 lectures from 15 eminent speakers will be organized.

All events will be webcasted LIVE on Facebook Page of DISHA BHARAT,


For More details contact: 9880621824


Vishwa Samvada Kendra

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