Prajna Pravah’s Desi Chintan: A Unique thought festival

Prajna Pravah, Karnataka has organised “DESI CHINTAN” – A unique thought festival for graduates below the age of 35 to write Research Papers.
The broad topics for the paper could be Dharma, Education, Economics, Family and Life Style. The further granularity of the topics are provided in the image below.

An exciting Award for the winners!!

  • 1st Best Paper  Rs 10,000.
  • 2nd Best Paper Rs 5000.
  • 3rd Best Paper Rs 1000.
  • Selected papers will be published and  given opportunity to present in Young Thinkers Meet 2020.

Why Desi Chintan..?  

Covid 19 Pandemic made the world to think about new world order, The chanting of Vedic prayer ‘Shanti Paath’ from Yajurveda at the White House to seek mental peace and solace during the horrifying period of lockdown due to COVID pandemic is an indication of the shape of things to come in the post-COVID era. The effects of corona which would cripple many economies make many individuals jobless and turn many rich households’ poor would need the internal strength and peace to overcome the trauma. Yoga, Ayurveda, Indian family system, Indic thoughts and life style best suited to meet new world order.

Being intellectual warriors it is now our responsibility to lead this emergence of the New Paradigm.

Prajna Pravah

Prajna Pravah is the national umbrella that stimulates, trains and synthesizes individuals and Institutions to recognize the inherent strength of Bharath with academic vigor directed towards decolonizing Indian minds from Eurocentric impact. It functions with the sole vision of uplifting and reviving Hinduness in culture for emancipation of humanity.


A graduate and who is below the age of 35 can participate in this competition by writing the research paper. The paper should be in word format and should not exceed 2000 words. One could write either in Kannada or in English.

Submit entries before 15st September 2020 to

Contact For more details:
Chandrappa Barangi – 9008848676 | Sailata M -8867372609.


Vishwa Samvada Kendra

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