Story: Son of a farmer develops deweeding equipment from waste #AtmanirbharBharat

Son of a farmer develops deweeding equipment from waste. #AtmanirbharBharat

Covid19 lockdown and the Clarion call by prime minister Sri Narendra Modi for AtmaNirbhar Bharat, to transform the country to become self reliant, has opened up a lot of avenues. A good number of instances to get self reliance and indegeniously developing tools and technology for ones needs in vogue in the country.

Young Mahadevaprasad of Dharmayyanahundi of T Narasipur of Mysuru district was inspired by a video he saw on the internet. Being a proud son and grandson of farmer, and his commitment to help his family, he decided to bring into implementation the skill he acquired through the video. 

Mahadevaprasad aka Manu hails from the family of farmers, who grow groundnuts in the farm. The seeds sown in the farm are often troubled by weeds which grow on its sides which could at times harm the yield of the crop. A farmer ought to be conscious about the weeds and it takes some effort of his to deweed. 

Manu has transformed his old bicycle by mounting the handle in place of the seat. The base of the cycle has been fitted with sharp metal pieces with the aid of nuts and bolts. The metal pieces which on agressive move helps deweeding. An individual can easily push the equipment and use to deweed as well plough the farm too. Manu boasts that his investment into this is just 400Rs. The equipment was developed indegeniously out of waste and more importantly is not battery operated nor does it pollute the environment. This is a wonderful example towards being self reliant and helping the farming community.


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