@vsksamskritam initiates its operations from Vijayadashami #VSKSamskritam

VSKSamskritam : @vsksamskritam initiates its operations from Vijayadashami

#VSKSamskritam is an initiative of Vishwa Samvada Kendra, Karnataka (@VSKKarnataka) supported by Samskrita Bharati (@sb_bharatiya). A new social media news channel in Samskrita language & Devanagari script @vsksamskritam has initiated its operations on Vijayadashami, the day which marks the victory of good over evil. It has been a custom among Hindus to start any initiatives on this auspicious day of Vijayadashami and expected to borne great results.

We request you to support the endeavor and follow the twitter handle. @vsksamskritam

Samskrita is the best tool to remove the five types of social differences; linguistic, class, caste, sect and the north vs south division and most importantly it has a great potential to bind Bharat under her cultural and spiritual strength.

Samskrita Bharati is an organization started to protect, develop, propagate the oldest language of Bharat – Samskrita. Samskrita was a pan-Bharat language in the Vedic and classical period but has lost its place in modern Bharat.

The basic mission of Samskrita Bharathi is to popularize Samskrita by encouraging the use of simple Samskrita in everyday conversations. From being termed as Devabhasha Samskrita Bharathi is working towards making this easy language Samskrita into more a Janabhasha – language of common people through Samskrita itself as the medium of instruction.

#SpeakSamskritatHome With this hashtag on Twitter, @sb_bharatiya has regularly been adding Samskrita tweets of translations of common conversations on their handle @sb_bharatiya

Vishwa Samvada Kendra

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