Dr. Janardana Hegde and Dr. H.R. Vishwas conferred with Vachaspati puraskar (honorary doctorate) by the National Samskrita Vidyapeeth of Tirupati.

2nd Feb 2020, Bengaluru: Senior Sanskrit writers and scholars, Dr. Janardana Hegde and Dr. H.R. Vishwas have been conferred Vachaspati award, honorary doctorate, by the National Samskrita Vidyapeeth of Tirupati. Vaschaspati is Doctorate of Honor to those who have rendered considerable service in the fields of Samskrita Language, Samskrita Literature, Indian Culture and Social Service.

At the 23rd convocation held in Tirupati on Sunday, the retired Chief Election Commissioner of India Shri. N. Gopalaswamy honored the senior scholars with Vachaspati puraskar.

Dr. Janardana Hedge conferred with Vachaspati puraskar
Dr. H R Vishwasa conferred with Vachaspati puraskar

Brief-introduction of Dr. Janardhana Hegde
Janardhana Hegde, the editor of Samskrita magazine, Sambhashana Sandesha, is well known name in Samskrita literature, linguistics and grammar for the past three decades. He was also the editor of the Samskrita Chandamama magazine for many years. He has significant role in the establishment of Samskrita Bharati, an Organization which works for the dissemination of Samskrita language with the mission of ‘Samskrita for the masses’ everywhere in the country and abroad. He is a recipient of the Kendra Sahitya Akademi Award for the Best Literary Service in Samskrita. Dr. Hegde is known for literary works in the area of Samskrita novels, Poetry, Short Stories and Sanskrit translation of famous Kannada novels. He has worked as a mentor in the curriculum structure of universities and other top institutions of Samskrita studies.

Dr. Janardana Hegde, recipient of the 2017 Maharshi Narada Award for his service to Samskrita Magazine given by Uttar Pradesh Samskrita Samsthana

Brief-introduction of Dr.H. R. Vishwas

Dr. H R Vishwas, currently based in Mangalore, is one of the most famous names in Samskrita literature in the country. He has been awarded Kendra Sahitya Akademi Puraskara for his contribution to Samskrita literature, poetry, translation and linguistic texts. He has translated the famous novels of renowned literature SL Bhairappa into Samskrita. He is one of the founding member of Samskrita Bharati. He is now guiding the literature division of Samskrita Bharati at all India level.

Dr. H R Vishwas recipient of the 2017 Banabhatta Puraskara given by the Uttar Pradesh Samskrita Samsthana

Vishwa Samvada Kendra

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