Citizens For Democracy(CFD) is a platform of responsible citizens committed to democratic values, safety and security of the citizens of India. In its press release, CFD has said that they have constituted a Fact Finding Committee to uncover the plot behind Pulakeshinagar riots which shook Bengaluru recently. The gory incident had torched Congress MLA Akhanda Srinivasa Murthy’s house, also not sparing public property and police station nearby.

The Committee is chaired by a Retd. Judge Sri Srikanth Babaladi, and consists of retired bureaucrats, journalists, advocates, professors and social workers as its members.

The members are as follows:

  • Sri Madan Gopal, Retd IAS
  • Sri. Dr. R Raju, Retd. IFS
  • Sri. Dr. Prakash, Retd. IRS
  • Sri. M N Krishnamurthy, Retd. DGP
  • Sri. R K Mattoo, Journalist
  • Sri. Santhosh Thammaiah, Journalist
  • Sri. Dr. M Jayappa, Professor
  • Sri. Dr. H T Aravinda, Professor
  • Sri. Muniraju, Social worker
  • Smt. Kshama Nargund, Advocate
  • Sri. Jerome Anto, Social worker

CFD in its release has said it is imperative to survey the incident neutrally without any bias or vested political interests with a sole commitment towards truth. In view of this, we see a need to look at this whole episode in detail and uncover the plot behind it and come up with a plan of action that can be implemented by the society and the Government.

The said Fact Finding Committee will visit the affected areas, hear from the victims, access available evidence and submit a report to the Government for needful action.




Fact Finding Committee constituted by Citizens For Democracy


Retd Judge, Srikanth Babaladi

Members of the committee