Grocery distribution to a pregnant woman’s family in Nelamangala

Grocery distribution to a pregnant woman’s family in Nelamangala

A Nepali family resides in the town of Nelamangala, in the outskirts of Bengaluru. The head of this family works as a security guard in a private firm. His wife, son, daughter in law stay in a small hut like structure in the town.

Son works in a hotel nearby. The head of the family had to go to Nepal for a personal work and the Covid19 spread and the condition of lockdown has stranded him in his home country. His son’s earning  got cut down with the announcement of lockdown and his avenues of earning were closed.

Prashanth, Dr. Mahant and few other volunteers from ABVP, RSS received a call from their contacts of this Nepali family who were suffering from hunger. The plight of such poor people is inexplicable. The home was in a dilapidated condition. The volunteers were already distributing food packets, ration, grocery and vegetables to needy daily wage workers in the town in order to keep them safe at home and ensure pandemic is controlled and not spreading. The victory over Covid19 is directly proportional to the success of lockdown, isn’t it?


The daughter-in-law of the family, Nirmala was at her ninth month of pregnancy during the commencement of lockdown. They were starving for food. The young one in the womb was also starving. The volunteers reached out to them and distributed rice, food grains and vegetables needed to the family. Couple of weeks after this Nirmala has given birth to a baby boy at K C General Hospital in Bengaluru.

The volunteers reached their home yet again. This time to speak to the family and gather the needs of the family with a new member in it. They also gifted a cradle, mattress, some nice dresses, medicines, napkins to the new born. The family profusely thanks for the timely help and support by the volunteers of ABVP, RSS. They still feel the help from the volunteers during the critical time of no food can never be forgotten.

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