Guruji terming Bharat as Hindu Rashtra was a profound Adhyatmik thought: Mukul Kanitkar

5 Jan 2020, Bengaluru: Mythic Society, Bengaluru today had organized a talk by Sri Mukul Kanitkar, Organizing Secretary of Akhil Bharatiya Shikshan Mandal on the topic of ‘Guruji and Rashtriya Chintan’ at Daly Memorial Hall, Mythic Society. The lecture was organized under Sri Noor Ahmed Ali Khan Memorial Endowment. Sri Du Gu Lakshmana, Former editor of Vikrama weekly, Hosa Digantha daily and columnist presided over the event. Sri Kru Narahari, President of Mythic Society was also present on the dias.

Noor Ahmed Ali Khan was the son of Mumtaz Ali Khan, (a sociology professor and a social thinker and a cabinet minister in Karnataka Government) who passed away at the age of 18 after a road accident in Bengaluru. The Endowment was set up by nationalist Mumtaz Ali Khan and had asked for lectures and debates on  Guruji Golwalkar, the 2nd Sarsanghachalak  of RSS who had inspired him a lot.

Sri Mukul Kanitkar addresses the gathering

The identity of the country Bharat should not be evaluated by its GDP alone but also CNP(comprehensive national power) which consists the cultural and spiritual resources and strengths said Mukul Kanitkar in his address.

Guruji was a man with multiple facets. A person with adhyatmik (spiritual)thought brought about Rashtriyata on everything he propounded inside and outside of RSS.

Guruji spoke with Vidwat which is more of experiencial knowledge than the English words of knowledge or wisdom often used he said.

Guruji had unequivocally said Bharat is a Hindu Rashtra and the same was a adhyatmik thought Kanitkar stated.

Mukul urged the audience to read and understand Guruji’s concept of Hindu Rashtra which is not mere religion based thought but a profound discourse born out of Adhyatma. He added saying the largest expansion of one’s  identity is Rashtra. Common goal, Comman scale of evaluation and common identity of life exists in Rashtra. The pride that existed in  such a concept of Rashtra is now been broken by the education Guruji had opined said Mukul Kanitkar. He later said, we lost the greater identity of Rashtra and have lost nearly 2/3 rd of the land too which also is quintessential for Rashtra,

‘Islam is part of Hindu Society, Muslims will be the most safe in a Hindu Rashtra Guruji had said. Guruji who was against minority appeasement had said Sarwa Panth Samabhava which existed in this land would take care of everyone in the county sans biases. In the modern Indian constitution where the word secular makes a mark is wrongly translated as dharmanirapekshata, which essentially had to be panthnirapekshata. Multiculturalism which is the  secular equivalent in the western world has failed today but is there a way Sarwa Panth Samabhava would ever fail,’ Sri Mukul questioned.

Narrating the anecdote of  Sukarno, Indonesia’s 1st President’s interaction with Guruji where the latter had enquired about the names like Garuda Airways, popularity of Ramayana in Indonesia, despite being a Islam country, Sukarno had answered, ‘we might have changed religion but not our sanskriti handed to us by our forefathers.’

Mukul Kanitkar ended his lecture by stating Bharatiya concept of vaidik, adhyatmik, ganarajya is collective and integrative and the same needs to be practiced. The turmoil which exists in the country at the moment has solution in Guruji’s thoughts.

Du Gu Lakshmana remembered ‘be calm at all cost’ call to Swayamsevaks of Sri Guruji during the first ban imposed  on RSS and despite the attack on the organization and Swayamsevaks, Guruji called for maintaining peace and not indulging in violence against who attacked them. Guruji had later explained the reason for the same stating the analogy of teeth in the mouth would sometimes hurt the tongue but nobody would penalize the tooth for the injury caused.  Such was his commitment and love to the society which had the elements of love and hatred.

Sri Du Gu Lakshmana presided over the event

Lakshmana also said, M S Golwalkar was termed as Guruji not just inside of Sangh but the outsiders who were  apprehensive of the organization respected him as Guruji.

Sri V Nagaraj, Hon Secretary of the Mythic Society introduced the guests to the audience and Sri M R Prasanna  Kumar delivered the vote of thanks.

Sri V Nagaraj, Hon Secretary of the Mythic Society introduced the guests. Sitting on the dias are Sri Du Gu Lakshmana, Sri Mukul Kanitkar, Sri Kru Narahari
Sri M R Prasanna Kumar delivered the vote of thanks




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