Society needs help and lets work together with the society to eliminate #Covid19 #SanghKiBaat

RSS Sarsanghachalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat addressed the nation today online from Nagpur. He spoke about the Seva activities ongoing are for the fact that we are part of the society and is our social responsibility to help in times of distress. One should adopt Self betterment in isolation and philanthropy in social life he opined in his 40 minute speech

Few points from his speech have been added here for the readers. The whole speech can be watched on YouTube link below.

  • RSS has stopped all programs till June. We should follow rules and regulations. It is our society and we have to involve ourselves in seva of this society. True patriotism is when citizens follow the discipline set by a society. Discipline should be the bedrock of the society’s progress post Covid 19
  • We are not into Seva to prove any point to anybody. It is our society and we have to involve ourselves in Seva of this society
  • Whoever is suffering from #Covid19 we have to extend our support and Seva, There is no reason to differentiate. Let us not be competitive during Seva, but work with one another to ensure Covid19 is eliminated.
  • Fear, anger, lethargy, deferring things unnecessarily- are the foes not only of an individual but also of a society. Sane minds across the country should strive to keep amity & calm during this hour, fortify minds with fresh thoughts, avoid politicising issue.
  • Swadeshi, self reliance should be the development model that also makes our society competitive as well. Let us buy goods produced from our nation. Let us help Swadeshi products. Also help manufacturers who would want to produce Swadeshi products.

    Dr. Mohan Bhagwat Addresses the nation during #Covid19 Lockdown
  • It’s not only the government that will make the country independent in the economy. It’s we as a society should contribute to making it possible by India made products not lower in the quality to them. Swadeshi is the only way and we should think of it.
  • We should convert this crisis into opportunity and spearhead the mission of helping the world revive this from situatio.
  • Swadeshi, cleanliness, environmental concerns & organic farming are the new horizons where not only Govt & Administration but even the society will hv to take special efforts.
  • The lockdown has ensured that the Samvada within the family has bettered. It is certainly good for the family. The pollution has also reduced. We need to think how we can continuously think about nature, environment.
  • Even during the crisis some fundamental truths are being tested. We should also take the project of national reconstruction with the fundamental principle of self-reliance,
  • The time has come to establish harmony in the society. For the people, the way ahead to rebuild Bharath is to travel being Selfish to be selfless and self reliant.
  • Be and make is our real work, programs and events are but a transient feature of long journey. Inward journey (Atma Sadhana) in confinement, serving needy (ParOpakar) when free is an ideal life.
  • Saint killed in Palghar. It was a very unfortunate thing that happened. The Police should have take  strict action and find the culprits.






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