From the Diaries of Swayamsevaks : Okay to Groceries, Do I get money too?

This occurred in one of the distribution centres in Bengaluru during the Covid19 distribution drive undertaken for the benefit of needy . The karyakartas distributed the grocery kits and one member of the family started to demand some money. The karyakartas were amazed upon the request. On further enquiring, they understood that the family had received grocery and food grains but had lost the ways of cooking it. The Karyakartas were swift enough; they aggregated some money and ensured the gas was provided to the family for which the family profusely thanked RSS.

Vishwa Samvada Kendra

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Sat Apr 18 , 2020
The source of this experience sharing is from website. Santosh Sogalad, RSS Karyavah of Savadatti Taluk writes the experience in detail. This is a translated and an abridged version of the Kannada write-up. The Covid19 Corona lockdown has to a lot an extent disturbed the general lifestyle of many. […]