Make your mind stronger and stay positive : Muni Shri Praman Sagar Ji Maharaj #PositivityUnlimited

“Make your mind stronger and stay positive” Muni Shri Praman Sagar Ji Maharaj

 Renowned Jain Monk Muni Shri Praman Sagar Ji Maharaj  spoke at #PositivityUnlimited lecture series and said that if can defeat the pandemic if we are mentally strong.  If you keep your mind strong you can defeat the disease, he said. He also urged people to develop a spiritual outlook in life and let the disease affect the mind.  Following are the excerpts from his address.

“This Pandemic is dangerous and infections and deaths are increasing. Hospitals are full. I wish to say that people have to keep their mind strong. If you keep your mind strong you can defeat the disease.

One has to stay positive and think that one will come out of it. The disease affects the body and not the mind. Do not let the disease of body affect your mind. Doctors have said that those who are positive recuperate faster and those who are mentally not fit.

Have a spiritual outlook in you. You have to be aware that the diseases is of the body and not of me. The death of the body will not affect me. Be aware that nothing can kill me if I am supposed to be alive and will not be alive for a moment when I am mandated to die. So, do not be afraid and welcome death with smile and open arms.

One has to die one or the other day and we are not here to stay alive forever. This is not in our hands to decide our fate. Along with medicines, take steps to strengthen your mind. Those who are mentally strong, will defeat any disease. The family of patients also have to be positive and stay strong and not be fearful. Remove fear from your minds.

This is not the first pandemic affecting the mankind. Crores have died in these pandemic in past centuries but man has survived. Even during this pandemic, we will survive this and win over the situation.

I urge Jains to donate more during the pandemic, true to the rich Jain tradition of giving and helping during difficulties. We also have to ensure that we stay healthy and also help others stay healthy.  Let us repeat ‘I am healthy’ to stay positive. My message on this occasion is to make your mind stronger and stay positive.”

Reported by Sri Prashanth Vaidyaraj, Editor

Vishwa Samvada Kendra

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