Samarpaka’s Holistic Approach to Covid Relief in Karnataka


Bangalore, June 3,2021: Samarpaka Seva Trust, today gave an overview of its holistic approach to Covid Relief through various initiatives, by bringing together Corporates, NGOs and volunteers, touching different areas of social need arising from the pandemic.

Samarpaka gave an account of how it had touched various aspects of people’s lives during the pandemic including putting up ICU beds, donations of medical equipment like ventilators and oxygen concentrators, programs including caring for frontline workers, assistance to those affected by the loss of livelihood and eradication of hunger.

Some of the initiatives it has undertaken are listed as below:

  • Addressing Urgent medical needs:-Samarpaka has provided ICU Beds, medical equipment,by bringing together individual donors and corporates for this purpose. 30 Oxygen concentrators donated to this hospital and several others.
    Addressing Urgent medical needs: We have provided ICU Beds in few hospitals, medical equipment and Oxygen concentrators to charity hospitals. We have donated more than 150 ventilators/ concentrators to hospitals. Our next focus area is rural healthcare.
    Grocery Kits: More than 5,000 Grocery kits distributed.-Caring for Frontline Workers:6,000 Food packets distributed to Police and BBMP teams
    -Medical needs of the needy: 2,000 Medical kits provided.
    -Others Initiatives: 2 Vehicles provided to ferry patients to and from Chamrajnagar to Mysore, 25,000 masks distributed, Sanitisation of critical areas and houses of patients, distribution of sanitizers and PPE kits for volunteers working in cremation grounds, food for hospital staff (more than 200 on daily basis) in Chamarajanagar, etc.
  • Family Support: “We have provided initial financial support for families / kids who have lost breadwinner / parents. A comprehensive relief plan is also being worked out on the lines of livelihood support, etc. We have worked with Samarpaka for over 2 years, including initiatives across education and healthcare. When the pandemic situation arose,we decided to augment their efforts in providing much needed critical care to needy patients” said Sudesh Chinchewadi, CFO and Company Secretary, Vistaar Finance.“ We at UST believe that we must contribute to the community, especially in times of crisis , which is why we partnered with Samarpaka to provide medical equipment to hospitals for critical care for COVID patients along with other hospitals as well ” said Smita Sharma. UST Global CSR Catalyst.Mr. Dileep Satya, spokesperson Samarpaka assured “We will continue to do our best. Our mission is to forge partnerships to scale efforts, bringing different stakeholders willing to help together”

About Samarpaka: We are a certified non-profit, started in 2017. Samarpaka is all about social transformation through partnerships.By leveraging our core capabilities, we co-create scalable solutions with our NGO partners, CSR Leaders and Foundation sponsors. Our programs are aligned to UN SDG goals and Government guidelines. We believe that Collective Social Responsibility enables social transformation.For further Details Contact: Mr. Dileep Satya| Treasurer Samarpaka,Former Investment Banker, Promoter of multiple companies and start -ups Phone: 98453 00019

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