Highlights from Sarsanghachalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat speech

Highlights from Sarsanghachalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat speech

Param Pujaniya Sarsanghchalak of RSS, Dr. Mohan Bhagwat addressed bharat on the occasion of Sri Vijayadashami Utsav 2021 on Oct 15, 2021, Friday

Freedom struggle

  1. Several freedom fighters belonging to different communities made penance for gaining Swadheenata.
  2. All paths, from non-violent movements to armed rebellions, culminated in Independence in 1947.
  3. Artificial social divisions, spurious policies, colonial diplomatic games have scarred the hearts of each Bharatvasi.

Social Harmony

  1. Egalitarian and non-discriminatory society is required for national unity.
  2. We have many intellectuals who are not promoting dialogue and intimacy among people
  3. Friendly relations and familial exchanges can promote social unity and equanimity

Freedom and National Ethos

  1. Out national life is imbued with pride for such great ancestors and dedication to our motherland for which they sacrificed
  2. Our journey from Swadheenata to Swatantra is not complete
  3. Forces which do not desire Bharat’s progress are working to confuse the world about Bharat and social-cultural groups devoted to her welfare
  4. Global and national developments such as the rise of unregulated cryptocurrencies or OTT-like media pose potential threats that must be watched

Fight against Corona

  1. Second wave of Corona was devastating but we are preparing well to combat potential 3rd wave
  2. Helped by efforts of Governments and society, Bharat is looking to grow out of the losses due to Covid waves
  3. Covid has also presented us Opportunities to regain and strengthen our sense of Swa or Selfhood and Self Reliance
  4. Our appreciation of indigenous Healthcare traditions such as Ayurveda and general approach to Healthcare need to be reimagined post Covid

Health In Bharatiya View

  1. Bharatiya view of Health is focused on balance of diet, physical and breathing exercises, recreation and meditation
  2. Post Covid we should focus on promoting a way of life that promotes Health in a balanced way and nurtures the environment
  3. Sangh swayamsevaks are working on environmental conservation awareness promotion


  1. These are challenging times for the overly materialistic socioeconomic paradigms of the world
  2. World is looking towards Bharat to lead with a Dharmic paradigm as an alternative
  3. Discovery of our Swa or Self would require manifestation of indigenous holistic and integrated socioeconomic model


  1. In 2015 Akhil Bharatiya Karyakarani Mandal Resolution, problems of resouce depleting population growth and demographic imbalance were addressed
  2. Demographic imbalance leads to government appeasement of violence by barbarous elements against some groups as happened to Hindus in West Bengal
  3. Collective National Interest should prevail over parochial interests of individual groups and desires to exploit the latter

Beyond Northwest Border

  1. As expected by many, Taliban are taking control of Afghanistan with support from Pakistan, Turkey and China
  2. These are times for vigilance, ramping up of our national defences and military preparedness to meet any eventuality
  3. Citizens of J & K who are braving the targeted killings by Terrorists deserve the support of entire Nation

Hindu temples

  1. State of Hindu Temples causes concern to Hindu society
  2. Many Temples especially in Southern India are controlled by State governments which seem to betray discriminatory attitude
  3. There is malgovernance and interference in religious matters by state governments in Hindu Temples controlled by them
  4. Hindu Temples which are sociocultural institutions should once again come back to management by Hindu devotees


  1. Parochial and divisive traits and attitudes should be replaced by a National culture that integrates all the diverse traditions of Bharat.
  2. Despite differences in beliefs and methods of worship, all Bharatvasis inherit a common eternal civilization, culture and history
  3. Although foreign invaders brought many religious sects into Bharat, today, we all share the Hindu ancestry
  4. Our Ancestors such as Hasankhan Mewati, Hakimkhan Suri, Khudabaksh and Gaus Khan, Ashfaqullah khan who fought against the invaders are our Role models

Organized Hindu society

  1. Causes of mutual discord, injustices, violence and enmity of the past need to be understood and removed
  2. Forces inimical to Bharat are waiting for us to be snared by these differences and discord
  3. An organized Hindu society alone can be a bulwark against such forces that are inimical to Bharat
  4. Consolidation of collective Strength, fearlessness and manifestation of the eternal Hindu way of life are the need of the hour
  5. A vigilant, United, strong and active society is the solution to all our problems
  6. Devotion to Motherland, our common Heritage, feeling of oneness, reverence to ancestors make us Unique which is expressed by ‘Hindu’
  7. Spreading this awareness which will solve all our problems, is the Mission for all of us, for which RSS has been working for 96 years

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