Bijapur, Karnataka: Bijapur of Karnataka  witnessed a massive protest agasinst JK interlocutor report. Protesters shouted slogans against the Interlocutors and their report, claiming it ‘anti-national’. There was a protest demonstration followed with a public speech. Later a memorandum was submitted requesting to squash the interlocutors report. Sri Aravinda Rao Deshpande, Pranth Karyavah […]

 Chennai: An impressive protest public meeting was held to protest against these Interlocutors report which is a conspiracy to sever Jammu-Kashmir from India in Chennai on 6th July 2012.  Around 500 people comprising of men and women from all walks of life attended to show their solidarity for saving Kashmir.  Meeting started with a […]

Madhugiri, Karnataka: Massive protest was held at Madhugiri of Karnataka, against the Interlocutors protest  report on Jammu and Kashmir. T Nagaraj, Jilla Sanghchalk of RSS,  Chi.Su.Krishnamurthy, KSP Prisident and several other socio-political leaders were present during the protest. Later a delegation of ‘Jammu and Kashmir Ulisi Horata Samiti’ submitted memorendam to madhugiri […]

Bangalore July 6: A delegation lead by RSS Pranth Karyavah N Tippeswamy submitted a Memorandum to the President of India through Governor of Karnataka, Hamsaraj Bharadwaj at Rajbhavavn Bangalore requesting to squash the JK interlocutor report. Delegtaion includes Sri Pranesh Nagari, President of Kashmiri Hindu Association of Karnataka, Sri V Nagaraj, RSS […]

A massive protest against JK interlocutor report is held by Save Jammu & Kashmir forum at Tumkur District today. Addressing the protesters, RSS leader Nagendra Prasad blamed irresponsibility of central government for the Jammu & Kashmir issue. Basavaraj of Hindu Jagarana Vedike also talked in the event. There was a protest demonstration […]