NEWS IN BRIEF – MAR 20, 2012 1. Govt dilutes poverty norm, Says Number Of Poor Down By 5 Crore: New Delhi: Data released by the Planning Commission on Monday showed that poverty had significantly declined between 2004-05 and 2009-10. The catch is that this decline is based on a […]

NEWS IN BRIEF – MAR 15, 2012 1. Dinesh Jumps Signal, Didi Pulls Chain, Furious With Fare Hike, Mamata Asks PM To Sack Her Nominee As Rail Minister, Demands Rollback, Cong May Yield, But Steps Up Search For New Partners: New Delhi: Railway minister Dinesh Trivedi appeared to be on the brink […]

NEWS IN BRIEF – MAR 14, 2012 1. 200m Indians have no TV, phone or radio : New Delhi: One-sixth of the country, or 200 million Indians, don’t possess most basic assets like a transistor or television set, phone, vehicle of any kind or a computer. In three states — Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland […]

NEWS IN BRIEF – MAR 13, 2012 1. Spectrum given in 2001 & earlier may be charged : New Delhi: The government is considering retrospectively charging for spectrum for licences allotted in 2001 and even earlier while it also examines if some of these could be cancelled in the light of the Supreme […]

1. New China border posts to monitor India project: Beijing: China hasNestablished its highest border police station at 5,373m above the sea level on its border with Bhutan in Shannan prefecture. It has also set up an allfemale police station in Tibet’s Nyingchi Revive Her Drive prefecture, which borders Arunachal Pradesh in India. […]

NEWS IN BRIEF – MARCH 05, 2012 1. PMO to take call on fuel efficiency norms : New Delhi: The Prime Minister’s Office will decide whether the country will have fuel efficiency standards for cars or not. After four years of wrangling and a final draft policy being prepared, the decision has been […]

NEWS IN BRIEF – JAN 17, 2012 1. Army chief drags govt to SC on date of birth row, Says It Is About Honour, Not Tenure: New Delhi: In a first for a serving military chief in the country’s independent history, Army chief Gen Vijay Kumar Singh dragged the government […]

NEWS IN BRIEF – JAN 09, 2012 1. 183 finally return home from Pak : Attari (Wagah border): A little after sunset on Sunday, 183 weary men trooped across the Wagah-Attari border and into India, carrying their belongings over their shoulders. [TOI p11] 2. Now, Cong faces Pawar problem over […]

NEWS IN BRIEF – JAN 07, 2012 1. China at it again, denies visa to Arunachal officer, India Pulls Out Entire 30-Member Delegation: New Delhi: India has put “on hold” the visit of a 30-strong military delegation to China next week after Beijing refused to issue a visa to one […]

NEWS IN BRIEF – DEC 31, 2011 1. After RS debacle, Cong battles to regain ground on Lokpal, Hopes Poll Boost Will Check Didi: New Delhi: With the Lokpal fight set to drag into the new year, Congress has crafted a fresh plan to pass the anti-graft legislation, hoping elections […]