NEWS IN BRIEF – DEC 15, 2011 1. China won’t attack India: PM: New Delhi: Opposition members on Wednesday accused the government of being soft against an aggressive China, forcing PM Manmohan Singh to clarify that he had assurance from the highest levels that the Chinese government too wanted to […]

NEWS IN BRIEF – DEC 13, 2011 1. Defence spend in 5yrs to cross 5,20,000cr, Pak, China Border Infra To Cost 60,000Cr: New Delhi: Defending long unresolved borders against two potentially hostile nuclear-armed neighbours does not come cheap. Besides, acquiring a wide array of weapon systems for billions of dollars, […]

NEWS IN BRIEF – DEC 12, 2011 1. UPA isolated as key oppn parties flock to Anna meet, BJP, Left, JDU, SP Share Dais At Daylong Fast: New Delhi: Anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare made an impactful return to the “anshan- andolan” (fastingprotest) arena on Sunday, drawing an enthusiastic and youthful […]

NEWS IN BRIEF – DEC 10, 2011 1. 89 Die In Kolkata Hospital Hellfire, Helpless Patients Suffocated By Toxic Fumes: Kolkata: One of Kolkata’s better-known super-specialty hospitals turned into a gas chamber in the early hours of Friday after a fire in the basement pumped toxic fumes through the centrally-air-conditioned […]

NEWS IN BRIEF – DEC 09, 2011 1. Mid-term poll fears nixed FDI: Pranab, Admits Lack Of Numbers To Push Reforms: New Delhi: Finance minister Pranab Mukherjee on Thursday said the government had to put on hold the Cabinet’s decision on FDI in retail since pressing ahead could have resulted […]

NEWS IN BRIEF – NOV 28, 2011 1. India-China talks may go off track, Buddhist Conclave To Cast Shadow Over Key Meets: New Delhi: Even as it still tries to fix dates for the next round of Sino-India boundary talks, from which China backed out owing to New Delhi’s support […]

NEWS IN BRIEF – NOV 26, 2011 1. FDI in retail sparks political storm, Trinamool, DMK Join Oppn Chorus Against Decision: New Delhi: The government faces a fierce political backlash on its decision to allow FDI in multi-brand retail with traders’ associations preparing for a nationwide bandh next week and […]

NEWS IN BRIEF – NOV 25, 2011 1. Coming soon: Worlds top retailers, Cabinet Clears 51% FDI In Multi- Brand Stores,100% In Single-Brand :New Delhi: After debating the issue for more than a decade, the government on Thursday threw open the multi-brand retail segment to leading foreign chains such as […]

NEWS IN BRIEF – NOV 19, 2011 1. Back off on South Sea: PM to China, ‘Indian Interests Commercial And Legitimate’: Bali: India firmly rejected China’s objections to its presence in the South China Sea, with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh telling Chinese leader Wen Jiabao that Indian interests were “purely […]